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Only significant updates to the site are recorded here, such as the addition of a new walk page and its related  photo page. Other minor changes will not be recorded, but the footer panel on each page will indicate the specific date that page was last updated in any way.






21 Aug. Added Mount Yetar - Shorter Walk and photo page.
10 Aug. Added Hancock Brook Walks and photo page.
20 July Manns Gully-Chinamans Gully Walk route and photos page has been revised and updated.
15 July Kattamordo Variation Walk route has been revised to ensure walkers avoid any entry onto private property. In particular, the crossing of Walnut Road in both directions is now solely via the public Munda Biddi Bike Trail.


11 Dec. Added link to WalkGPS slide show (4 min.video) on Bushwalking...safely - mainly near Perth - includes summary of risks & personal responsibility.

NOTE: Ten other WalkGPS videos can be viewed on YouTube including "Disappearing wandoo woodlands.." (1:21), "Changing the Mt Solus landscape" (0:30) and "Boranup..Karri Forest - a bushwalkers perspective" (4:32).

7 June Poems 'Desertion' and 'Tanka' added to Why (not) Walk? page by kind permission of noted W.A. poet and fiction writer Andrew Lansdown.
6 June Inserted updates to Avon Valley Both Sides Walk route notes (plus updated MAP, waypoint and track files for this walk on Maps, Waypoints & Track Files page).
24 April Added link to new Twitter @WalkGPS account to provide the very latest bushwalking info. in the Perth region.
22 April Added note on Mount Solus walk page re the impact of expanding ALCOA bauxite mining on the south flank of Mount Solus.
6 Feb.

Added downloadable OziExplorer format MAP files (*.map) on Maps, Waypoints & Track Files page for each WalkGPS walk map. (The zip folder for each walk includes the associated 'base' topo map image file, plus other attached waypoints, tracks/routes, etc, for that walk).

Current site: 127 html pages and over 850 image files.



24 Oct. Added WalkGPS Blog article "A late spring in the step" which gives an outline of about 10 short walk ideas for warm weather.
14 Oct. Added 4.5 minute Photos Movie to Wildflower photos page 1 (of 3)
18 Sept. Added 3.5 minute Video to Serpentine Falls-Kittys Gorge photos & video page.
10 Sept. Added 3 minute Video to Walyunga Walk photos & video page.
22 Aug. Added 4 minute Video to Bannister Hill Walk photos & video page.
14 July Added 2.5 minute Photos Movie to Video & Photo Galleries page.
8 July Added 2 minute Video to Three Mountains Walk photos & video page
2009 30 Dec. Added link to new WalkGPS Blog including blog article "In the beginning..."  - in which an 'alien' walker discovers what bushwalking in the Perth region has to offer!
Oct.-Nov. Added reconnaissance history map to most walk pages  to show past WalkGPS test walks in each walk area. (See under sub-heading "Additional maps" on each walk page.)  
29 Aug. Added Kattamordo Variation walk and photo page.
1 Jan. Added links to WalkGPS waypoint and 'track' files (PCX5, GPX & Google Earth KMZ) for Cape to Cape Walk and Meelup Trail (total 148km) on Useful Links and Resources page.
2008 11 Dec.

Added Waypoint & Track Files page to provide a convenient compilation of all downloadable WalkGPS waypoint and 'track' files (PCX5, GPX & Google Earth KMZ) for all walks and for several other trails in the region, including Kattamordo, Kyotmunga, Coastal Plain, Yaberoo Budjara, and Numbat (Paruna Sanctuary) Walk Trails.

4 Dec.

Added link to Google Earth map for Bibbulmun Track - Northern Half (462km) on Useful Links and Resources page including over 100 key waypoints for campsites etc along the Track.

14 Nov. Embedded Google Maps on all walk pages showing showing waypoints and route/s for each walk.
8 Nov. Updated Ellis Brook-Bickley Brook Walk including options to avoid overgrown track sections. -Apologies to those who found the now overgrown bits too tough!
30 Sept. Updated Mount Solus Walk.

Various updates to Useful Links & Resources page. 

23 Sept.

Added Wooroloo Brook walk and photo page.

20 Aug.

Added Bells Rapid-Mount Mambup walk and photo page.

1 Aug.

Added Ngangaguringguring Hill walk and photo page.

13 April Updated status of DoW attitude to traditional bushwalking activities in water catchments on Home page and Why (not) Walk? page.
20 Jan. Added inset map animation on Home page highlighting the potential impact of recent DoW recommendations on access to water catchments.
2 Jan.

Added Upper Darkin variation walk and photo page.

2007 24 Dec.

Added North Dandalup walk and photo page.

30 Oct. Adjusted Mount Solus Walk to correctly match 'Route notes' and  'Comments' to the waypoint locations. -Apologies for any confusion previously caused!
Aug. Julimar walk: Added note on impact of Jan. 2007 bushfires.
Boonerring Hill walk: Added alternative shorter route options.
New photos added to various walk pages.
28 Mar.

Added Why (not) Walk? page.

5 Jan. Added Google Maps on all walk pages showing start point location and details of road access for each walk.
2006 7 Nov. Added Gunapin Ridge walk and photo page.
3 Nov. Added Flynn Hills walk and photo page.
28 Oct. Added Mount Billy area walk and photo page.
13 Oct. Added Campsite information (relevant to 14 walk areas).
17 Sept. Added Turtle Pool-Eagle Hill walk and photo page.
18 Aug. Added on all walk pages Google Earth fly-ins to satellite imagery for each walk area (with waypoints and route overlay, plus 3D view). 
12 Aug.

Added Running Brook walk and photo page.

March Added 3D Map Views to all walk pages.
25 Feb.

Added North Ledge-South Ledge walk and photo page.

27 Jan.

Added Nockine Brook walk and photo page.

2005 5 Nov.

Added notes on Boulder Rock-Poison Gully walk page and Serpentine-Karnet Rock walk page advising entry to those areas is now prohibited.

16 Oct.

Added links to Satellite Imagery on all walk pages.

12 Oct. Added Lane Poole Reserve walk and photo page.


19 April

Added Route Profiles to all walk pages.


6 Feb. Changed all downloadable files of Waypoint Listings (on all walk pages) to Garmin PCX5 format, WGS84 datum and decimal degrees.
11 Jan. Added Search Page and Keywords page.








4 Nov. Added Boonerring Hill walk and photo page.
27 Oct. Added Bannister Hill walk and photo page.
4 Sept. Added Boyagarring Park walk and photo page.
28 July Added Lupton Park walk and photo page.
19 July Added Boyagin Rock walk and photo page.
25 June Added Mount Cooke walk and photo page.
9 June Added Qualen Road walk and photo page.
31 May Added Geddes Rock walk and photo page.
28 May Added Avon Valley (south side) walk & photo page.
14 May Added Avon Valley (both sides) walk & photo page.
5 May Added Julimar walk and photo page.
24 Apr. Added Mt. Observation-Pony Hill walk & photo page.
12 Apr. Added Christmas Tree Well walk and photo page.
12 Mar. Added Windsor Rocks North walk and photo page.
4 Feb. Added Serpentine-Karnet Rock walk & photo page.
28 Jan. Added Darling Scarp walk and photo page.
11 Jan. Added Lions Lookout -Bickley Reservoir walk and photo page.
8 Jan. Added Victoria Reservoir-Bickley Brook walk and photo page.








28 Dec.

Added Northern John Forrest Nat. Park walk and Walyunga Nat. Park walk and photo pages.

15 Dec.

Added Piesse Brook walk and photo page.

6 Dec.

Added Bold Park walk and photo page.

30 Nov.

Added Wungong Gorge walk and photo page.

23 Nov.

Added Thomsons Lake walk and photo page.

22 Nov.

Added Ellis Brook-Bickley Brook walk and photo page.

18 Nov.

Added Boulder Rock-Poison Gully walk and photo page.

13 Nov.  Added links to downloadable text files of

 Waypoint Listings on all walk pages

 (suitable for import to GPS mapping software).

8 Nov.

Added Barton's Mill-Little Darkin walk and photo page.

1 Nov.

Added Dryandra walk and photo page.

 25 Oct.

Added Eagle's View walk and photo page.

  9 Oct.

Site Launch

First version : 37 html pages and  195 image files.


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