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  Government agencies

Also see “Walk WA: A Walking Strategy for Western Australia 2007-2020” (Premier’s Physical Activity Taskforce; DSR, 2007; 1.4MB pdf) - This was intended to be a whole-of-community approach to encourage all Western Australians to walk more and to develop environments in which the decision to walk is easier.

  Books , Info. sites etc.

Including:    Walks & parks     Manuals & Users Guides    Wildflowers/Flora & Fauna    General....


Walks and parks in the region

  • Paruna Sanctuary - This beautiful 2000 ha sanctuary, run by Australian Wildlife Conservancy, is located between the Walyunga and Avon Valley National Parks. It includes some of the best on-track walking in the Perth region, including the Numbat Trail (12 km), Quenda Circuit (6.5 km), and Possum Loop (2.3 km).  Visits need to be pre-arranged (ph. 9572 3169). Trail notes (with maps) are available just inside the entrance gate. Small entry fee. Park closed to bushwalkers during bushfire season (1 December - 31 March).

For Google Earth users: Click here to view Numbat Trail including 16 WalkGPS waypoints. (To download the waypoints in Garmin PCX5 file format: (right click on icon); For waypoints plus track in GPX format:   (right click).

  • Kattamordo Heritage Trail - Shire Of Mundaring provides a very brief extract and mud map taken from an early 22 page pamphlet by Heritage Council of Western Australia, 1998 (out-of-print) which provided an overview of the interesting history along this 27(-29) km Trail (and the Mason & Bird Heritage Trail). Easy vehicle access to several potential pick-up points for those preferring to do only part of the trail. See also WalkGPS Kattamordo Variation Walk in Pickering Brook-Bickley area. Caution: Trail markers along the Kattamordo H.T. have not been maintained in recent years and walkers will often face confusing choices at track junctions.

For Google Earth users: Click here to view Kattamordo Trail including 20 WalkGPS waypoints. Alternatively see WalkGPS Google Map for approx. waypoints only. (To download the waypoints in Garmin PCX5 file format: (right click on icon); For waypoints plus track in GPX format:   (right click).

Also see WalkGPS Google Map for location map for Visitor Centre & some of the walk start points. Also current Yanchep & Muchea 1:50,000 DEC Operations Graphics map series, Sheet 2134-4 & 2134-1.  The CALM map-pamphlet includes the following walk trails:


  Coastal Plain Trail

  55 km        Cockatoo Trail   17.5 km  

  Yaberoo Budjara Trail

  26(-28) km     Yanchep Rose Trail   19.5 km  
      Ghost House Trail   9 km    

Plus various short walks in the area.


For Google Earth users: Click here to view the above trails in 'Yanchep & beyond' region including WalkGPS waypoints for the trails.  (See WalkGPS Maps, Waypoints & Tracks page to download the waypoints and 'track' for each trail in Garmin PCX5 or GPX file formats.)  

  • Geology and landforms of the Perth Region, Gozzard, J.R. 2007. Western Australia Geological Survey (ISBN 978 1 74168 072 0).  This field guide covers key geological localities near Perth, including Walyunga National Park.  

  • Geology of Western Australia's National Parks -Geology for Everyone, Lane, Peter. 2004.

  • Forests on Foot - 40 walks in the forests of the South West of Western Australia, Meney, Kathy & Brown, P. 1985.  The Campaign to Save Native Forests, East Fremantle, WA. (ISBN 0 9589269 0 5). Can be viewed at State Library of WA (book Call Ref. # 919.412 MEN).

  • Travellers Guide to the Parks & Reserves of Western Australia, Nevill, Simon. 3rd edition, 2006. Simon Nevill Publications, South Fremantle, WA. (ISBN 0 9585367 1 6).

  • Swan Valley and Perth Hills Trails Discovery Guide, Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council ('EMRC'). 2005.  ERMC, Perth, WA. (ISBN 0-9757364-0-X). -This was an excellent, though short-lived booklet with good maps and trail notes for 41 mainly short, existing trails in Shires of Kalamunda and Mundaring and City of Swan.  Unfortunately it has since been withdrawn from public sale - another case of public liability concerns and legal paranoia prevailing over the wider public interest and commonsense! But a copy can be viewed at the State Library of WA (book Call Ref. # 919.411 SWA).  The former 'PerthTrails' site which also included the walks in the Guide, has been replaced by the PerthTourism site which contains brief descriptions of mainly short walks, but little if any of the information from the original Guide.

  • Heritage Country Trails - Bushwalks & Trails in Perth's "Heritage Country", City of Armadale. 1999.  City of Armadale, Armadale, WA. (ISBN 0-646-38397-3).

Also use :

  • WalkGPS SEARCH PAGE - Many of the walks on WalkGPS  are within National Parks, Conservation Parks, Nature Reserves, etc.  (See also WalkGPS 'Parks, Reserves & State Forests' map; 61KB pdf). Enter a Park place name in the box on the Search Page to find specific WalkGPS walk pages that may contain information you seek. The 55 walk pages include information and external links on the following:

  National Parks:

Avon Valley N.P.

Lesmurdie Falls N.P.


Banyowla Regional Park

Julimar Cons. Park


Beelu (prev. 'Mundaring') N.P.  

Midgegoroo (prev. 'Canning') N.P.


Beeliar Regional Park

Lane Poole Reserve


Helena N.P.

Monadnocks N.P.


Bold Park

Lupton Cons. Park


John Forrest N.P.

Serpentine N.P.


Boyagarring Cons. Park

Mundy Regional Park


Kalamunda N.P.

Walyunga N.P.



Boyagin Rock Reserve

Thomsons Lake Reserve


Korung (prev. 'Pickering Brook') N.P.

Wandoo N.P.


'Darling Range Reg. Park'

Wungong Regional Park


Dryandra Woodland


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Bushwalking/Outdoors manuals

  • Paddy Pallin's Bushwalking and Camping: The handbook of outdoor adventure in Australia, Brown, Ian. 1995. Paddy Pallin, Sydney, NSW, 14th ed. (ISBN 0 9590121 2 5).

  • Being Outside: a comprehensive manual for all who want to enjoy the outdoors, Macartney-Snape, Tim. 1993. Dick Smith, NSW. (ISBN 1 86276 011 X).

  • Aids to Survival, WA Police Academy Bushcraft & Survival Guide,  2007, 25th ed. ISBN 0 646 36303 4. - See downloadable pdf (1.3MB).

  • Map Reading Guide -How to Use Topo Maps, Geoscience Australia. 2013. NATMAP, 3rd ed.

  • Wilderness Navigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter, & GPS, Burns, Bob; Burns, Mike, and Hughes, Paul. 2004. Mountaineers Books, 2nd ed. (ISBN 0 8988695 36).

  • Exploring GPS -A GPS Users Guide,  McElroy, Simon; Robins, I.,  Jones, G. and Kinlyside, D. (Dept. of Information Technology & Management -Land and Property Information, NSW). 2002. GPSCO, NSW, 2nd ed. See review.

  • GPS Made Easy : Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors, Letham, Lawrence. 2001. Mountaineer Books, 3rd Rev. ed. (ISBN 0 8988680 25).

  • Outdoor Guide to Using your GPS, Featherstone, Steve. 2004. Creative Publishing Int. (ISBN 1589231457).

  • Outdoor Navigation with GPS, Hinch, Stephen. 2004. Annabel Press. (ISBN 0 9661999 36).

  • Also see GPS links for other useful sources of GPS information.


Wildflowers / Flora & Fauna of the Region

  • Exploring Wheatbelt Woodlands, Bamford, Mike, 1995. Department of Conservation and Land Management, Como, WA.  (ISBN 0 7309 6495 7).

  • Guide to Wildlife of Perth Region, Nevill, Simon, 2005 (1st ed.). Simon Nevill Publications, South Fremantle, WA. (ISBN 0 9756019 03). Includes birds, mammals (including bats), frogs, reptiles, invertebrates, fungi, wildflowers.

  • Life on the rocks: the art of survival, Nikulinsky, Philippa, and Hopper, Stephen D., 2008 (2nd ed.).  Fremantle Press, North Fremantle, WA. (ISBN  9781921361289). - An illustrator and biologist invite others to share their fascination with the diversity and beauty of life on granite outcrops.

  • Invertebrates of temporary waters in gnammas on granite outcrops in Western Australia, Bayly, I.A.E. 1997. In Journal of Royal Society of W.A., 80:167-172.

  • Exploring Granite Outcrops, McMillan, Peter, [1990?].  Department of Conservation and Land Management, Como, WA. (copy obtainable via Battye Library or W.A. Herbarium botanical library).

  • BirdLife Australia WA  for a list of their field guides and other publications on bird-life in the region.

  • Birds of the Greater South West, Nevill, Simon, 2008.  Simon Nevill Publications, Perth, WA. (ISBN 978-0-9803481-2-5).

  • Fauna Species Profiles, DEC/Centre for Ecosystem Management, ECU., on DEC's site. Includes information on several of the threatened species that are being protected and re-introduced to the region.

  • Tracks, Scats and Other Traces -A Field Guide to Australian Mammals, Triggs, Barbara., 1996. Oxford University Press, Melbourne, Vic. (ISBN 0 19 553643 6). See review.

  • Common Wildflowers of the South-West Forests, Brown, A., Keighery, G. and Thomson, C.  No date.  Department of Conservation and Land Management, Como, WA.  (ISBN 0 7309 6960 6).

  • Wildflowers of the Northern Bibbulmun Track and Jarrah Forest -A walkers field guide, Ireland, Ann, and Macey, K., 2003. The Bibbulmun Track Foundation, Perth, WA. (ISBN 0-9750767-0-1).

  • Field Guide - Wildflowers of the West Coast Hills, Members of the Darling Range Branch Wildflower Society  of Western Australia. 2002.  Quality Publishing Australia, 2nd ed. (ISBN 1-875737-24-3).

  • Perth Plants - a field guide to the bushland and coastal flora of Kings Park and Bold Park, Perth, Western Australia, Barrett, Russell L. and Tay, Eng Pin,  2005. Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority. (ISBN 0 876479 07 8).

  • Guide to the Wildflowers of South Western Australia, Nevill, Simon, 2001 (and later editions).  Simon Nevill Publications, South Fremantle, WA. (ISBN 0 9585367 08). 

  • The Western Australian flora -A Descriptive Catalogue, Paczkowska, G. and Chapman, A.R., 2000.  Wildflower Society of WA, WA Herbarium, CALM & the Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority, Perth, WA. (ISBN 0 646 40243 9).  See review.

  • Wildflower Society of Western Australia  for a good list of available publications and prices.

  • Colour Guide to Spring Wildflowers of Western Australia, Part 2: Perth and the Southwest, Wajon, Eddy, 2000.  Wajon Publishing, Winthrop, WA. (ISBN 0 9577817 0 9).

  • Common Trees of the South-West Forests, Wheeler, Judy.  No date. Department of Conservation and Land Management, Como, WA. (ISBN 0 7309 6961 4).


  • The Ways of the Bushwalker: on foot in Australia, Harper, Melissa, 2007. University of New South Wales Press Ltd, UNSW, Sydney, NSW. (ISBN 978 086840 968 9). A fascinating read on the origins and history of 'bushwalking' which shows how this activity has become the most popular way for Australians to engage with the bush. Also see commentary by Frank Moorhouse, in "The Australian" newspaper (Oct. 2007).

  • Landscope, magazine produced quarterly by DEC (formerly CALM), June 1985 onward, general interest articles on conservation, forests, and wildlife in Western Australia. (ISSN 0815-4465).

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  More wildflowers

  • Google Earth 'fly-ins' (and tilt and rotate) allow exciting 3D display of satellite imagery terrains from anywhere around the globe.

    Hints: For enhanced 3D effect, set 'Elevation Exaggeration' in Google Earth to "3" (via 'Tools' menu, 'Options' & 'View' tab). In the 'Layers' panel:  Ensure 'Terrain' box is selected. To view others' photos from the area, select 'Geographic Web' box and click on the blue dots marking the photo locations.  Note: The Google Earth imagery cannot be uploaded to your GPS unit.

    To import GPS data into Google Earth, see GPS Navigation page.

    Caution: If you use Google Earth positional data for picking waypoints and routes, be aware that Google Earth does not provide (nor claim to provide) positional accuracy of GIS or survey quality.

  • NearMap - Provides online high resolution photomaps which are clear and current (generally updated a least once per year for regional areas, including coverage across most walk areas on WalkGPS).  Access  for personal, non-commercial use was free until late 2012, but now requires a min. $99 annual subscription.

  • Landgate map viewer - For online previewing of high resolution aerial photography across W.A., including the Perth region.

  • Mobile Atlas Creator (formerly TrekBuddy Atlas Creator)  - An open source program which creates offline atlases and maps.  Various online map sources of satellite/aerial imagery can be used for reasonably easy atlas/map creation including Google Maps, Google Earth, and NearMap Australia. Individual maps can be exported as an image and calibration MAP file for opening in OziExplorer, and atlases can be downloaded to certain Garmin and Magellan GPS handhelds and mobile phone applications. See basic tutorial. (Note: Zoom levels and map size settings for the map creation require some 'trial-and-error' to achieve optimum resolutions.)

  • Garmin Custom Maps - Garmin's simple process for georeferencing a jpeg map image file using Google Earth then downloading to a compatible Garmin outdoor handheld (e.g. Oregon. Colorado models) or importing to Garmin BaseCamp (freeware) for walk planning etc.

Other useful map sources

  • Landgate - 'SLIP Enabler' (and SLIP map viewer 'WA Atlas') enable a user to create and download GIF image files of customised maps by accessing most W.A. State Government agency land information datasets, including topography, aerial imagery, etc. The image file can then be converted for use in mapping software such as OziExplorer. Incidentally,the SLIP Enabler Support Team have a reputation for "superb" customer service!

    Landgate's "Create a Map" service also allows you to create your own customised map using an online map viewer then pdf delivery online (starting at $19.95 for A4 map) or mailed print delivery.

  • 'Raster 50K'  (DVD) - South West Western Australia's 1:50,000 scale topographical/cadastral Map Series as colour raster images (OZF & ECW format, with ECW viewer, plus elevation data, compatible with OziExplorer GPS mapping software).  - The DVD contains 283 scanned map images covering almost all of southwestern W.A., including from Lancelin in the north to Denmark, etc on southern coast.  The Mundaring and Kelmscott sheets are not included. Available from some map shops and online agencies such as ExplorOz. Note: Raster maps are not suitable for uploading to handheld GPS units.

  • 'Raster 25K'  (DVD) - South West Western Australia's 1:25,000 scale topographical Maps as colour raster images (OZF & ECW format, with ECW viewer, compatible with OziExplorer GPS mapping software).  - The DVD contains 193 scanned map images covering mainly the coastal strip from Lancelin in the north to Northcliffe in the south and inland to Mundaring, Jarrahdale, Muja. Available as above from some map shops etc.

  • Map data suitable for uploading to handheld GPS units :

  • OZtopo V4 (DVD or preloaded microSD or SD card from GPSOZ) and 'GPS TopoPLUS Australia 5m' (DVD from Johnny Appleseed). Each of these provides Australia-wide map coverage (with elevation contours at 5m vertical interval in TopoPLUS and 10m in OZtopo) suitable for uploading to Garmin hand-held GPS (e.g. eTrex Vista Cx) using Garmin's BaseCamp freeware. The maps are produced from satellite-sourced data and have a computer-smoothed appearance. Keen map-readers may find the maps lack some contouring detail when directly compared with more traditional published 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scale topo maps at the same 5-10m contour spacing.

  • Garmin's 'TOPO Australia & New Zealand' (as DVD or MicroSD card) provides Australia-wide coverage with 20m elevation contour interval, comparable to conventional 1:100,000 scale map detail and suitable for import to Garmin Basecamp software or direct display on eTrex 20, 30 and other Garmin receivers.

  • 'DiscoverAus Streets & Tracks Topo (SD card) provides Australia-wide coverage with elevation contours down to 5m interval depending on map zoom, for direct display in some of Magellan’s eXplorist and Triton series series receivers.

  • Shonkymaps are a set of unofficial Garmin-compatible topographic maps that cover the whole of Australia. These are free and easily imported into Garmin Basecamp software, but at 50m contour interval, using Geoscience Australia 1:250,000 scale map data, they are too regional for bushwalking purposes.

  • Perth Map Centre (/Mapworld) 

  • The Chart and Map Shop  -  DLI map agent, Fremantle.

  • Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC, formerly CALM) 

  • Conservation Operations Graphic (COG) map series (1:50,000 scale) - These useful 'interim' maps display the best topographic and cadastral information available to DEC each year, but they are not intended to be of typical published map quality. Prints of the current year's map sheets can be ordered from DEC.

  • Tracks and Trails Maps - DEC 'Shop Menu' includes Bibbulmun Track, Cape to Cape Track and Munda Biddi Bike Trail maps.

For Google Earth users: Click here to view Bibbulmun Track, Northern Half from Northern Terminus (at Kalamunda) to Donnelly River Village (462km cumulative distance), including over 100 key WalkGPS waypoints for campsites, road crossings, and vehicle access points. Alternatively see WalkGPS Google Map for the waypoints only. (To download the waypoints in Garmin PCX5 file format: (right click on icon); For waypoints plus track in GPX format:  (right click).    

  • Kyotmunga Walk Trail  - 7 km point-to-point on-track walk; access in south from "Peace Be Still" car park off Chittering Rd, and in north from Yozzi Rd off Chittering Valley Rd (initial section is signed as 'VV' trail through citrus orchard). Lies mainly within the NW-most area of the Avon Valley National Park. Regarded as one of the best of the on-track trails in the Shire of Chittering. Passes partly through wandoo woodlands and provides views across Chittering Valley.

See WalkGPS map of Kyotmunga Walk Trail and other Lower Chittering area trails;  Also Google Earth image (including WalkGPS waypoints), or Google Map for start and end points on road map. (To download the waypoints in Garmin PCX5 file format: (right click on icon); For waypoints plus track in GPX format:  (right click). Also see Kyotmunga Walk Trail brochure by Kyotmunga Estate, 2006.

  • Yaberoo Budjara Trail - 26(-28) km point-to-point trail between Yanchep National Park and Lake Joondalup. A lengthy single-day walk. See CALM Yanchep National Park Pamphlet (if still in print). Also see current Yanchep & Muchea 1:50,000 DEC Operations Graphics map series, Sheet 2134-4 & 2134-1. Also WalkGPS Google Map for location map showing start and end points of the Trail plus waypoints. Also see ref. to Heritage Council pamphlet and Google Earth image above. (To download the waypoints and 'track' for the Trail in Garmin PCX5 file format: (right click on icon); For waypoints plus track in GPX format:  (right click).

  • Coastal Plain Trail - 55(-58) km point-to-point trail. See CALM Yanchep National Park Pamphlet (if still in print). 3.5 days; 4 campsites with water and toilets. Also see current Yanchep & Muchea 1:50,000 DEC Operations Graphics map series, Sheet 2134-4 & 2134-1. Also Google Earth image (including WalkGPS waypoints), or WalkGPS Google Map.  (To download the waypoints in Garmin PCX5 file format: (right click on icon); For waypoints plus track in GPX format:  (right click).

  • Munda Biddi (Bike) - Trail  maps - For direct on-line ordering from the not-for-profit Munda Biddi Trail Foundation. Also see the  Foundation's website. The Munda Biddi Trail is intended mainly for off-road cyclists, but walkers are also accepted. Currently about 488 km of the Trail (from Mundaring to Nannup) have been completed and ultimately the Trail will extend a total of 950 km to Albany.

For Google Earth users: Click here to view Munda Biddi Trail, northern section from Northern Terminus (at Mundaring) to Nanga (198km cumulative distance), including 28 WalkGPS waypoints for campsites and vehicle access points. (To download the waypoints in Garmin PCX5 file format: (right click on icon); For waypoints plus track in GPX format:  (right click).

  • Wild about Walking - Yanchep National Park & beyond, Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM), undated, see above.

  • Metropolitan Region Scheme maps (1:25,000 & 1:100,000 scales; Western Australian Planning Commission) - These  maps (downloadable as pdf files) outline the boundaries of Reserved Lands within the Perth metropolitan region, including lands for Parks & Recreation, State Forest and Water Catchments.

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   GPS Links

See GPS Navigation page for GPS links.

   Beyond the Perth region

Including:    Cape to Cape Track    Stirling Range/Ridge Walk    Kalbarri   Other....

  • Walking the Southwest Corner  - From the Photodiary of a Nomad. With inspiring accounts and splendid photos from 380 kms of tracks walked in the southwest in Oct.-Nov. 2006, including the Cape to Cape Track, the Bibbulmun Track (section from Walpole to Albany), and several day walks in the Stirling Range and Cape Le Grand National Parks.

    For the 5-7 day, 135 km Cape to Cape Track (and linked 13.5 km Meelup Trail; plus many suggested short walks) also see Friends of the Cape to Cape Track site and The Cape to Cape Track Guidebook: Incorporating the Meelup Trail, rev. 3rd edn. by Jane Scott and Ray Forma, 2006, Cape to Cape Publishing, WA. (ISBN-10: 0 9577729 8 X; ISBN-13: 978 0 95777 298 4).

    Also see DEC's Cape to Cape Track Maps 1 & 2 (rev.2009; tear and water resistant).    

    Also WalkGPS Google Map showing 80 location points along the Track.

    For Google Earth users: Click here to view Cape to Cape Track plus Meelup Trail from Dunsborough or Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin, including 80 WalkGPS waypoints.

    (To download the waypoints in Garmin PCX5 file format: (right click on icon); For waypoints plus track in GPX format:  (right click). 



And away from W.A. :

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