Wooroloo Brook Walk (Walk #6a)


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On this page:  

1) Walk map - Shows route and waypoint locations

2) Photo from walk  (also see Photo Galleries)

3) 3D map view

4) Google map & Satellite imagery

5) Route profile

6) Walk description

7) Waypoint listing and grid references


       Walk map  Photo
           Click on map for large version.

View to small falls in rocky side gully

 off Wooroloo Brook, September 2009.

Click on photo for larger version.

More photos.

      3D map view




  Google Map

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 Additional Satellite Imagery

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         Route profile



 Walk description  
Location :

40 kms NE of Perth. 

Length :

12.5 field kms (15% off-track)

(or 13 kms if longer alternative to off-track uphill section).

Degree of difficulty :

MEDIUM   (What does this mean?)

Amount of uphill walking : 575-600m (cumulative ascent)
GPS-preferred :

YES, useful for the short off-track sections of the walk.

Access  :

See Google Map for start point on road map.

(Use zoom ladder for detail. Select 'Hybrid' to add satellite imagery.)

Great Eastern Hwy and bypass, then north on Roe Hwy to Toodyay Rd.  Then 14 km along Toodyay Rd to O’Brien Rd turnoff on left. Follow O’Brien Rd north for 14 km, then turn off and park on dirt track on left immediately before the bridge over Wooroloo Brook.

Alternative access via Walyunga National Park (for a modified longer walk route from near the western end of Wooroloo Brook): Great Eastern Hwy and bypass, then Roe Hwy, then 15 km north along Great Northern Highway to Walyunga Road on right (signposted to Walyunga National Park, main entry). Park entry fee is $10.00 per car. Follow the sealed road to the furthest car park, near Boongarup Pool (approx. 3.5 kms from the Hwy) which is an alternative Start point (from waypoint ‘PKG’).

Escape route/s :

Via various old vehicle tracks through the area (see map).

Options include:

Eastward via tracks to O’Brien Rd. (The ridge track from waypoint ‘36’ eastward to O’Brien Rd can be reached from the south via the tracks from ‘18’, ‘19’ and ‘FORD1’); OR,

Westward (across the Swan-Avon River) via tracks to Walyunga National Park; OR,

Northward (via ‘26’, ‘28’ or ‘29’) less than 3 km on tracks to Ewing Rd (SE of Walyunga Lookout), north of the walk map area.

Main features


Wooroloo Brook drains a sizeable catchment area of 536 km² and during a wet winter it flows quite swiftly in its lower few kilometres, dropping about 50m overall as it passes through its narrow, quite rugged valley westward of  the bridge at O’Brien Road (Gidgegannup) to its confluence with the Swan River in Walyunga National Park near the western edge of the Darling Range. The walk is centred around this lower section of the Brook.

This is a very rewarding walk route which provides plenty of variety and some small challenges for the keen walker; These include the steepish (in places gorge-like) valley sides which require some energetic uphill climbs, and also three crossings of the Brook which usually can’t be achieved without getting your boots and/or feet wet! The hill climbs also provide many excellent sweeping views across and down the valley to the Coastal Plain and along the Swan River valley.  A short optional diversion involves an enjoyable scramble up a rocky side gully where small waterfalls should be on display in winter. 

This walk includes only short off-track sections because much of the valley slopes and the banks of the Brook are blanketed in quite dense shrublands  which can make off-track walking in the area very frustrating and difficult, though the route does include one short (600m) section as a sample!  –The shrublands  include Trymalium sp. (similar to Karri hazel), Calothamnus sp. (One-sided bottlebrush), and various Grevilleas, Hakeas and Melaleucas etc.  These might be a challenge to the off-track bushwalker, but in spring they offer a rich and varied wildflower display.  Apart from the extensive shrublands the walk route also passes through mixed jarrah, marri and wandoo forest on and around the hill tops, and through heathlands surrounding the scattered granite outcrops. Sadly, along the banks of Wooroloo Brook, as occurs along many other rivers and streams near the Darling Scarp, the invasive pink- to red-flowering weed Watsonia is gradually taking over areas previously occupied by native vegetation.

The western one-third of the walk area lies within Walyunga National Park whereas the remainder is within land reserved for parks and recreation under the Metropolitan Region Scheme. Parts of the reserved land are currently privately-owned but are not actively farmed and are ultimately destined to become Crown land. The walk bypasses the western end of Valley Farm (off O’Brien Road) which is not reserved land and is actively farmed.  

Together with the Avon Valley National Park and Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary to the NE, Walyunga National Park is an important area for native fauna conservation along the Swan-Avon Valley. Animals re-introduced by DEC/AWC include the tammar wallaby and black-flanked rock wallaby.

Alternative easier walks:  

To avoid off-track section  - The main walk is relatively short and not difficult for a fit and experienced bushwalker, but others may prefer to avoid the steepish off-track section (between waypoints ‘9’ and ‘13’) or the gentler alternative (between '8' and 'ALT12').  Those off-track sections can be easily avoided by commencing the walk route in the reverse direction (i.e. via waypoint ‘45’, ‘44’ etc) and continuing around in that anti-clockwise direction to waypoint ‘18' or to the side gully at 'OPTN' in the south. To return, follow the good track up the hill from waypoint ‘18’ to rejoin the ridge about 100m before waypoint ‘38'. Then retrace the route from there back to the Start point.  

To avoid crossing the Brook - If the Brook happens to be high and/or fast and unsafe to cross when you visit (see Caution) you can follow the alternative route above to the crossing at 'CSG3' (just before ‘23’) and instead of crossing the Brook at that point, follow the good track from there NE-ward back up the steep hillside to ’29’. From there retrace the route back to near 'RK-X’ from where you have the option of either continuing to retrace the outward route or alternatively the more energetic option of descending on the side track to ‘19’ (and to view another crossing point and small waterfall at ‘CSG2’) and then returning via the track which climbs back to the ridge from ‘18’.

Walyunga extension - If you opt to avoid the river crossings as above, you could also vary the route to link into the eastern section of the Walyunga Walk route (to Walyunga Lookout) in the NW via waypoint '26' (which is at 'JCTN' on the Walyunga walk map), or via '27' (linking to waypoints '39A' or '39B' on the Walyunga route.

Alternative Start point from Walyunga National Park:

Wooroloo Brook meets the Swan-Avon River almost opposite the Boongarup Pool carpark in Walyunga National Park. If you prefer to start the walk from the National Park end, start from the carpark ('PKG') and cross the Swan-Avon River at the nearby ford (at 'WAL1') and follow the dirt road via 'WAL-2' to cross the railway tracks (at 'RLWY') and continue via 'WAL-4' & 'WAL-5'. Then link into the walk route either to the NE across the Brook(via 'BDGE' and an old vehicle track up the hill from 'WAL-7' to '25'), or to the east (via 'WALALT').  

Caution:  Despite the tranquil image that the name ‘Brook’ suggests, Wooroloo Brook can rise quickly and flow strongly in these lower reaches after heavy winter rains. It can occasionally become too dangerous to cross.  Provided there has not been recent heavy rainfall, the Brook can usually be crossed safely at the three crossing points on this walk, but cross carefully, preferably with the assistance of a walking pole and watching your footing on the often very slippery rocks. This especially applies at the second crossing point on the walk route (at 'CSG2') where walkers need to take care to stay safely upstream of the small waterfall and avoid slipping on the broad granite ledge. If you prefer to remove your boots for the few metres of shallow wading, pack suitable sandals with a good grip sole to change into for the crossing.

Current river levels and conditions: Some indication of the likely flow in the Brook can be checked before you start out from up-to-date charts of the river level downstream at Walyunga Pool (as derived by White Water Perth from DoW's automatic daily updates (from Swan River Great Northern Highway or Walyunga gauge). Non-charted flow information is also available from DoW's 'Karl's Ranch' monitoring station on Wooroloo Brook near the walk start point.

Controlled burns:  See DEC's current 6-season indicative burn programme. 

Additional maps :

WalkGPS walk map for OziExplorer users A downloadable OziExplorer format MAP file (*.map) for this walk area is included on the Maps, Waypoints & Track Files page. The zipped folder also includes the associated 'base' topo map image file, plus other attached waypoints, tracks/routes, etc in OxiExplorer file formats.

WalkGPS reconnaissance history: Click here for a map of past WalkGPS test walks in the walk area, plus the final route. The final route was selected only after several visits to the area which aimed to achieve a walk that would be the most rewarding.

Other:    Jumperkine 1:25,000 2134-IV, SW sheet (Dept. of Lands & Survey, 1983; Series R811) -available on DVD.

Jumperkine & Toodyay 1:50,000 DEC Conservation Operations Graphic (COG) map series (current) Sheet 2134-4 & 2134-1; or,

Avon Valley 1:50,000, National Map Ref. 2134-4 & -1 (WA Forests Dept., 1983).

Other background references :

"Walyunga National Park - Park Guide" by DEC (undated pdf; 248KB).  DEC's website also provides a brief summary of the Park and its existing trails west of this walk area.

WalkGPS Walyunga Walk - on this site. Also includes additional information on Walyunga National Park and its existing walk trails. 

Paruna Sanctuary - Located about 4km north of the start point of this walk. It includes some excellent on-track walks.

Short Wooroloo Brook walks further upstream:

F.R. Berry Reserve Walk Trail (see Gidgegannup Community site):  2.7 km walk;   Located 8.5 km up Reen Rd from Toodyay Rd and about 4km east of the walk on this page (see Google Map for Reserve entry). This is a worthwhile short walk which includes a visit to a waterfall on Wooroloo Brook.  The 214 ha reserve is included in DEC’s ‘Land for Wildlife’ scheme.

Noble Falls Walk Trail (see City of Swan walk trail brochure or Gidgegannup Community site):   3.5 km walk; Located opposite Noble Falls Tavern, off Toodyay Rd, about 5km NE of Gidgegannup and about 15 km ESE of the walk on this page (see Google Map).

Route notes :


Head south from the Start point along the rough vehicle track along the eastern bank of Wooroloo Brook. The track soon climbs to meet O’Brien Rd (at waypoint ‘2’). Continue southward on O’Brien Rd to ‘3’ then turn right (west) to leave the road and walk off-track down the roadside embankment and through a short section of forest and light scrub to reach a track and DoW’s ‘Karl’s Ranch’ river level monitoring station (at ‘GGE') on the bank of the Brook.

Alternative 1: Instead of heading off-track at ‘3’, continue uphill along O’Brien Rd until ‘ALT03’ and follow the track from there to ‘GGE’.

From 'GGE' head a short distance west (to ‘CSG-PT’) for a view of the Brook from a potential crossing point, just downstream of the river level monitoring station.  (Note: If you don’t mind getting your feet or boots wet early in the walk, this point can also alternatively be reached more directly by heading west along O’Brien Rd from the Start point to cross Wooroloo bridge, then turn left at ‘ALT02’ to follow an old vehicle track southward via 'ALT02S' for about 300m, then briefly eastward, to reach the north side of the Brook and cross it at ‘CSG-PT’. -Don't take the earlier eastward sidetrack.)

Return past the monitoring station and follow the track SE-ward to a T-junction (at ‘5’). Follow the left fork track (which parallels the nearby O’Brien Rd)  due south through shrubland flanking a stream gully for about 400m to a track junction at ‘6’. Turn right at the track junction and head NW gently uphill on the track to a ridge and clearing in the forest (at ‘PICNIC’) which is the site of a former picnic area (with table and BBQ). Follow the track SW from the clearing to reach a W-E track (or initially parallel tracks; at ‘8’).  Follow the track quite steeply downhill (or see "Alternative 2" below, for a gentler off-track climb as an alternative to the steepish off-track climb via '9'). The track crosses a stream course and passes a side track on the right (at ‘TRN’.  That side track meets Wooroloo Brook 100m NW at a ford). Continue a short distance further west to ‘9’ (gaining views across the main valley), then veer left to head off-track, taking it slowly to locate animal tracks and to pick the easiest way through an initial quite dense 50m-wide zone of shrubland of One-sided Bottlebrush (Calothamnus quadrifidus).  Continue uphill via '10' and ‘11’, entering more open forest and then ascending more steeply onto a rocky slope. (Divert via ‘BLF2’ if the most direct route up the slope to ‘11’ appears difficult.) Continue up the steep slope, gaining good panoramic views across and down the valley, entering another patch of quite dense shrubland before reaching another open rocky area (at ‘SMLSLB’). Then continue uphill through further shrubland onto the crest of the narrowing ridge (at ‘12’). Initially follow the crest of the ridge SW-ward, then cross the NW slope and reach an old dirt road/track (at ‘13’). 

Alternative 2 (route from '8' to '13'): Instead of heading westward from '8', head eastward along the dirt track to 'ALT08' near the crest of the ridge, then head southward off-track up the ridge (via 'ALT09', 'ALT10', ALT11') through some initial patches of shrubland around small outcrops, then mainly open woodland,  gaining some good views NW-ward across the main valley. Then join a good track at 'ALT12'. Turn right to follow the track westward along the hill top for about 700m to reach '13'  (passing a side track on the left at 'T-JCN').

From '13' follow the track generally westward as it zigzags (via ‘14’ and ‘15’) down the steepish hillside, gaining good views down the Wooroloo valley. The track flattens near the Brook and then reaches a boulder-filled side gully where the track has been washed away (at ‘OPTN’).  At this point, for a very worthwhile optional diversion, head southward off-track to boulder hop and scramble up the side gully for about 250m or more, passing large ‘sentinel’ rocks (at ‘SENTL’) and a small pool (‘PL’), to reach the foot of a 10-15m high waterfall/cascade (at 'FALS2'). (This would likely be more impressive in winter if some of the water flow was not blocked by several large dams in farmland further upstream. –See Google Earth satellite imagery to understand the impact.) After exploring the area around and possibly above the waterfall, return back down the gully and follow (via ‘OPTN’ and ‘16’) the partly overgrown remnants of the track on the west side of the gully to find a shallow crossing point across the Brook (at ‘CRSG’). After crossing the brook, pick an easy way through the few metres of shrubland on the north side to find the continuation of the track. (As a very short diversion, visit the nearby granite outcrop which almost crosses the Brook from the north side and provides a very pleasant spot to sit and put your boots back on after the crossing.) Follow the track generally NW-ward (via ‘17’; and along the way consider a brief off-track diversion to the Brook, to visit another granite outcrop at ‘RK1’ and small waterfall).  Pass side tracks (at ‘18’ and ‘19’) which head northward uphill. Reach Wooroloo Brook and cross via the shallow ford over a (very slippery!) smooth granite slab. (Note: Keep back from the lip of the small waterfall which drops over the edge of the slab and wear either your boots or change into suitable sandals with a good grip sole for the short crossing. A walking pole is also a useful aid to steady yourself against the water flow.) Follow the track around the southern side of the river for about 1.5 kms (via ‘21’, ‘22’, ‘23’) passing into Walyunga National Park at a gate in the Park boundary fence (at ‘PRKBDY’; Note: The old 'CALM’ sign on the gate, warning of feral animal shooters in the area “today”, appears to have been left in place and forgotten for a long period. The sign is presumably no longer applicable but unfortunately may confuse visitors. You must use your own judgment whether it is safe to proceed). On reaching ‘23’, turn right to follow the track down to the Brook to another crossing point (at ‘CSG3’) which is at about the halfway point on the walk. After the crossing, head northward up the quite steep hillside, climbing almost 230m (taking the left fork in the track at ‘24’ and then the right fork at ‘25’) to reach ‘26’ where the track again forks. The hill climb provides some excellent views, initially back up the Wooroloo valley, and then (after ‘25’) down to the pools (and railway) along the Swan-Avon River which cuts through Walyunga National Park. (For better views along the valley between ‘25’ and ‘26’, veer left off the track for a short distance through open wandoo woodland to heathland and a granite outcrop.) At ‘26’ take the right fork to head eastward across the forested laterite surface of the hill top. Pass a side track at ‘27’.  The track bends northward just before reaching ‘28’.  At that point try to locate and follow the traces of an old track that leaves the current track and heads ESE through quite open jarrah forest and then descends to meet (at ‘29’) another old dirt road/track. Continue ESE on this track down the steep hillside (via ‘29A’) through wandoo woodland and turn right (southward) at ‘30’ at a track junction and follow the track  downhill to the corner of the adjacent farmland boundary fenceline (at ‘FCECNR’). Veer SW, briefly off-track through open forest to cross a gully. Locate an old, very overgrown track on the other side and reach ‘32’. Follow the track southward through low shrubland. (Despite the encroaching shrublands it is not too difficult to pick out the track and to find an easy way through.) It descends quite steeply in places and then veers left (eastward) at ‘33’ into open forest flanking a gully. Cross the gully and follow an animal track to another corner of the fenceline (at ‘BDYCNR’) bounding the adjacent farmland. Turn right (southward) to locate and follow an animal track which crosses another gully (stream usually flowing) through dense shrubland to meet another old and very overgrown track at ‘34’.  Follow the track westward, gaining a good view to interesting weathered granite outcrops on the steep hillside across the narrow side valley. Turn left at ‘35’ to follow the old track uphill to a T-junction at ‘36’. Turn right (westward) and follow the track to its end on a heath-covered hill-top. Follow an animal track to reach a granite slab at ‘RK-X’  from where there are wide views, including westward down the lower part of the Wooroloo valley and also SE-ward across the valley to the rocky side gully and falls explored earlier in the walk.  Return to the track, then if time and energy allows take a short off-track diversion to  visit some large granite boulders (at 'BLDRS') less than 50m north of the track. Then rejoin the track and head eastward (via ‘36’) to follow it as it climbs slowly along the ridge, initially mainly through wandoo woodlands. At ‘38’ either stay on the track, or for an optional diversion to an outcrop and view, veer left (more NE-ward) off-track and soon pick a way through a narrow belt of shrubland to reach a large granite slab (‘BIGSLB’) which slopes off to the NW and provides views across farmland and the side valley, toward part of the route already covered. Cross the top of the outcrop and re-enter forest. Veer eastward at an open rocky clearing (at ‘RKY’) to rejoin the track at ‘39’. Follow the track NE-ward, taking a right fork at ‘40’. Pass a side track on the right at ‘41’. The track then descends NE-ward via ‘42’ where it meets the farmland boundary and descends more steeply. It then veers SE-ward at ‘43’ and meets a track junction at ‘44’. Turn left to reach O’Brien Rd at ‘45’ and follow the road back to the Start point just past the bridge across Wooroloo Brook.



 Waypoint listing


Right click here and then "Save Target/Link As..."  if you wish  to download the waypoints and GPS 'track' as a GPX  file in the standard format recognised by most devices and programs including Garmin and Magellan units and GPS Mapping Software.  If you have a problem uploading the data, please feel free to contact me directly at WalkGPS rather than your users' forum!

Also see WalkGPS Maps, Waypoints & Tracks page for downloadable MAP files, plus GPX and Google Earth (KMZ) files. Also see explanatory notes on file formats and how to upload to your unit.

If you require another format you will need to convert the downloaded file using GPS Visualiser (online) or freeware such as GPSBabel.

The waypoints in the alternative listing below are given as UTM coordinates with datum to match the Walk Map. NOTE: If you wish to manually enter these into your GPS unit you must first set your unit to the correct Datum. Caution: An incorrect datum can result in an approximate 200m location error! (This is a very slow, error-prone method compared to using the above downloadable file and is not recommended.)


Route list :

Projection : UTM       Datum : Australian Geodetic 1966       Zone :  50

Waypt name         Easting      Northing       Comments   

START       416116  6488929  Start point off O'Brien Rd, immediately south of bridge.

02          416219  6488782  Dirt track meets O'Brien Rd.

03          416226  6488533  On O'Brien Rd.

GGE         416142  6488561  Wooroloo Brook river monitoring station ('Karl's Ranch').

CSG-PT      416111  6488555  Optional Brook crossing pt (route via ALT02).

GGE         416142  6488561  River monitoring station ('Karl's Ranch'), Wooroloo Brook.

05          416179  6488488  Dirt track T-junction.

PICNIC      416036  6488184  Abandoned picnic area in clearing.

06          416177  6488099  Dirt track T-junction.

08          415983  6488051  On W-E dirt track, descending due west.

TRN         415699  6488052  Side track leaves N-side of  W-E track.

09          415655  6488048  On W-E dirt track.

10          415628  6487983  In fairly dense shrubland.

11          415621  6487874  Below steep rocky slope.

SMLSLB      415618  6487765  On small rocky slab.

12          415543  6487693  In shrubland, on crest of narrow ridge.

13          415414  6487538  On dirt road, descending NW-ward.

14          415189  6487431  At sharp bend on dirt road.

15          415133  6487826  Near sharp bend on dirt road.

OPTN        414809  6487664  Side gully cuts dirt track.

SENTL       414851  6487593  'Sentinel' rocks flanking small gully.

PL          414878  6487497  Near small rocky pool in side gully.

FALS2       414919  6487426  Near foot of 10-15m waterfall/cascade.

OPTN        414809  6487664  Side gully cuts dirt track.

16          414769  6487653  Near shallow brook crossing pt.

CRSG        414748  6487674  Wooroloo Brook crossing point.

17          414686  6487759  On bend in dirt track.

18          414432  6487972  T-junction, side track heads N-ward uphill.

19          414340  6488015  T-junction, side track heads N-ward uphill.

CSG2        414204  6487967  Shallow ford across granite slab.

PRKBDY      414070  6487824  Gate at Walyunga National Park boundary.

21          413895  6487719  On dirt track.

22          413621  6487759  On dirt track. Side track heads SW up hill.

23          413391  6488374  Near junction of dirt tracks.

CSG3        413394  6488415  Shallow crossing of Wooroloo Brook.

24          413378  6489121  T-junction, side track rises uphill to NE.

25          413248  6489185  T-junction.

26          413316  6489384  T-junction.

27          413780  6489422  T-junction.

28          413868  6489385  On dirt track.

29          414087  6489290  Dirt track.

29A         414152  6489243  T-junction.

30          414262  6489226  T-junction in wandoo woodland.

FCECNR      414279  6489131  Dirt track meets corner of farmland fences.

32          414170  6489005  On old, very overgrown dirt track.

33          414127  6488697  On old overgrown track, near stream gully.

BDYCNR      414203  6488662  At corner of farmland fences.

34          414192  6488601  On old overgrown track in shrubland.

35          414097  6488587  On old overgrown track.

36          414179  6488404  T-junction.

RK-X        413991  6488310  On rock slab, surrounded by heathland.

36          414179  6488404  T-junction.

38          414868  6488429  On dirt track near ridge crest, open forest.

BIGSLB      414952  6488528  On NW-sloping granite slab.

RKY         415028  6488579  Open rocky area.

39          415086  6488563  On dirt track, in open forest.

40          415314  6488828  At T-junction, near Valley Farm.

41          415461  6488798  T-junction.

42          415682  6489014  Dirt road meets farm boundary.

43          415760  6489039  On dirt road, near farm boundary.

44          415980  6488887  T-junction of  dirt tracks.

45          415979  6488921  Track meets O'Brien Rd.

END         416116  6488929  Back at Start point off O'Brien Rd.


Additional waypoints on map: 

ALT02       416045  6488911  Dirt track leaves O'Brien Rd (to ‘CSG-PT’).

ALTO2S      416025  6488597  Dirt track bends eastward.

ALT03       416203  6488458  Dirt track leaves O'Brien Rd.

ALT         416156  6488048  On dirt track climbing due west.

ALT08       416054  6488035  On west-east dirt track near ridge crest.

ALT09       416137  6487563  In wandoo woodland near crest of ridge.

ALT10       416097  6487433  On rocky laterite surface, N-ward view.

ALT11       416035  6487426  On laterite surface, view N-ward.

ALT12       416002  6487341  On dirt track, rising gently westward.

T-JCN       415899  6487323  Side track to farmland (off map edge) to sth.

FCE         415345  6486935  Farmland fence to south(off map edge) 800m upstream of 'FALS2'.


FORD1       415634  6488147  Ford crossing of Wooroloo Brook.

RKSLB       415598  6487906  North sloping partly grassed rock slab.

BLF2        415679  6487834  Close to foot of small rocky bluff.

BLF         415424  6488018  Small rocky bluff.

RK1         414697  6487670  Rock slab near small falls.

BLDRS       414082  6488394  Large granite boulders in forest on ridge.


PKG         412205  6488742  Carpark, near picnic area, Walyunga National Park.

WAL1        412218  6488667  Ford across Swan-Avon River.

WAL-2       412298  6488391  On track between railway and ford.

RLWY        412094  6488196  Railway crossing point.

WAL-4       412177  6488124  Side road to railway crossing.

WAL-5       412309  6488214  Side track (not shown on map) meets railway service road.

BDGE        412418  6488317  Bridge over lower Wooroloo Brook.

WAL-7       412465  6488480  Side track leaves railway service road.

WALALT      412817  6488206  T-junction of dirt tracks.


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