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Video:  "Walyunga National Park"

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  Side pool at Syd's Rapids,

Nov. 2002.


View NE to Swan-Avon River from Walyunga Lookout,

Sept. 2003.


Swan River above

Walyunga Pool,

Nov. 2002.





Caladenia flava,

Cowslip Orchid,

Sept. 2003.


Balgas and flowering Leucopogons,

 Sept. 2003.


Isopogon dubius,

Rose Coneflower,

Sept. 2003.



View NE from Woodsome Hill

 up Swan River valley to Medikal Hill (on left),  western Walyunga,

May 2005.





Aug. 2010

View east across Swan River valley from Woodsome Hill,

western Walyunga

 May 2005.



Swan River crossing above  Syd's Rapids,

Nov. 2002.


Syd's Rapids

 after autumn rain,

May 2005.


Trees on granite outcrop near Walyunga Lookout,

Sept. 2003



Ford across Swan River

 above Walyunga Pool

 -  in late spring,

Nov. 2002.


Ford across Swan River above Walyunga Pool

 -  after rainfall,

April 2003.


SW view from east side of Swan River valley toward Walyunga Pool,

 Nov. 2002.



Wandoo woodland south of Woodsome Hill,

western Walyunga,

Aug. 2010.


John Forrest's 1878 survey

Cairn 'PV' on spur ridge,

south of Woodsome Hill,

Aug. 2010.

Wandoo trees on south ridge of Woodsome Hill,

western Walyunga,

May 2005.



Wandoo woodland on laterite escarpment,

south of Walyunga Lookout,

Aug. 2010.


John Forrest's 1878 survey

Cairn 'SH'

near Walyunga Lookout,

Aug. 2010.

Wandoo tree and open woodland, NE Walyunga

Sept. 2003.



Culvert (alternative route)

under railway near Syd's Rapids,

Sept. 2010.


Bungarah Pool (zoomed) from track on east flank of valley,

Sept. 2010.

Railway bridge over Wooroloo Brook, 

Sept. 2010.

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