North Ledge-South Ledge Walk (Walk #8)

(Mundaring Weir)


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On this page:  

1) Walk map - Shows route and waypoint locations

2) Photo from walk  (also see Photo Galleries)

3) 3D map view

4) Google map & Satellite imagery

5) Route profile

6) Walk description

7) Waypoint listing and grid references


          Walk map  Photo
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View to Lake CY O'Connor

from North Ledge Lookout, Aug. 2005.

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          Route profile



 Walk description  
Location :

40 kms E of Perth (road distance).

Length :

13.5 (-15.5) field kms (0-10% off-track)

(or see 10 km short walk option)

Degree of difficulty :

EASY (- MEDIUM)   (What does this mean?)

Amount of uphill walking :

400m (cumulative ascent)

GPS-preferred :

NO, but useful for the short (1.2 km) off-track section of the walk.

Access  :

See Google Map for start point on road map.

(Use zoom ladder for detail. Select 'Hybrid' to add satellite imagery.)

1) Via Mundaring village: Follow Great Eastern Hwy to Mundaring, then turn right into Nichol Street and follow Mundaring Weir signs. Approx. 7 kms down Mundaring Weir Rd turn left into Allen Rd at the round-about and follow for less than 1 km, then turn right into the carpark at the Perth Hills National Parks Centre (the Start Point).

2) Via Kalamunda: Great Eastern Hwy (and Bypass) and Kalamunda Rd to Kalamunda township, then follow Mundaring Weir Rd past the Weir and turn right into Allen Rd at the round-about and follow to the carpark as above.

May 2012 update: See note below on the impact on the walk route (and Bibbulmun Track) of closure of Mundaring Weir wall access from 14 May to 9 November 2012.

Escape route/s :

Various dirt roads and trails  including North Ledge Rd, Pipe Rd, Bibbulmun Track, South Ledge Rd, etc (see map).

Main features


This walk lies within a part of the Darling Range Regional Park system.  It is a mainly on-track circuit around the very scenic Helena River Valley and across the historic Mundaring Weir. Most of the route lies within the newly named Beelu National Park (2008; formerly 'Mundaring National Park'). It follows parts of well established walk trails, including the Bibbulmun Track, O’Connor Trail, and Munda Biddi Bike Trail. It crosses the Weir wall and also visits other viewing points along the way, including the North Ledge and Golden View (South Ledge) lookouts, which provide superb views up the valley and across Mundaring Weir to Lake C.Y. O'Connor (formerly ‘Helena Reservoir’).  In late winter-early spring small waterfalls and cascades flow in some of the side gullies.

Carnaby’s Cockatoos, an endangered bird species endemic to W.A. can often be seen and heard along the trail near the Perth Hills National Parks Centre. Several marsupial species have been re-introduced to the area by DEC, including the numbat and quenda (southern brown bandicoot).

Aside from very pleasant bushwalking, the route allows for an alternative short diversion to visit the No. 1 Pump Station ('C.Y. O’Connor Museum’) below the Weir to absorb some of the fascinating history surrounding the development of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme which  included the world’s longest freshwater pipeline (560 kms). The route also passes by the historic Mundaring Weir Hotel which provides a good opportunity for a refreshment stop near the end of the walk.

If preferred, the short (1.2 km) off-track section of the walk route in the west can be avoided by staying on the Munda Biddi Trail until it meets the Bibbulmun Track. That on-track option lengthens the total walk by about 2 kms.

2010 update: See Route notes for a small change to the initial 500m of the original WalkGPS walk route.

May 2012 update: Due to construction works being carried out by Water Corporation, the Mundaring Weir wall and adjacent areas will be closed from 14 May to 9 November 2012. The Bibbulmun Track has been temporarily diverted away from the Weir (see DEC advice). To bypass the Weir on this WalkGPS route, on reaching waypoint '34' simply continue down Mundaring Weir Rd, crossing Helena River bridge, then continuing up the Road to Hall Rd on the right. Walk up Hall Rd to the Hotel and waypoint 'HOTEL' to resume on the described route. This diversion adds about 1 km (of road walking) to the described walk distance.

10km short walk option: See WalkGPS BLOG article "A late spring in the step" (Oct. 2010) which includes a summary of an easier "South Ledge only" alternative to the full walk, suitable for warmer weather when the full walk will not be comfortably enjoyable.

For overnighters: For those keen to camp overnight in the area there are two options:

i) Hewett's Hill Campsite (which includes a 3-sided shelter) on the Bibbulmun Track is located just over 1 km westward of the point (at 'TRN') where this walk route meets the Bibbulmun Track (or only 300-600m west of where the Option 2 and Option 3 routes meet the Track).

ii) Perth Hills National Parks Centre (at the walk start point) offers excellent camping facilities.   

Controlled burns:  See DEC's indicative burn program.  

Additional maps :

WalkGPS walk map for OziExplorer users A downloadable OziExplorer format MAP file (*.map) for this walk area is included on the Maps, Waypoints & Track Files page. The zipped folder also includes the associated 'base' topo map image file, plus other attached waypoints, tracks/routes, etc in OxiExplorer file formats.

WalkGPS reconnaissance history: Click here for a map of past WalkGPS test walks in the walk area, plus the final route. The final route was selected only after several visits to the area which aimed to achieve a walk that would be the most rewarding.

"Local Tracks & Trails Guide": Perth Hills National Parks Centre.

Bibbulmun Track Maps: Map 1 Darling Range (1:75,000) and Darling Range Day Walk Map Pack (DEC).

Munda Biddi Bike Trail maps (DEC).

Other:  Mundaring 1:50,000 Sheet (Dept. of CALM, 1990);

or Mundaring & Chidlow 1:50,000 CALM Operations Graphics series 2003/2004 (and later), Sheet 2134-3 & 2134-2;

or Mundaring 1:25,000 2134-III, SE sheet (Dept. of Lands & Survey, 1983; Series R811) -available on DVD.

Other background references :

For other general information also check at:

DEC's Perth Hills National Parks Centre (formerly 'The Hills Forest Discovery Centre'), on Allen Road, off Mundaring Weir Road.

The Centre offers excellent camping (small fee) and picnic facilities, plus toilets and showers, etc.

The visitor information service is open 7 days per week: ph. 08 92952244.

DEC's Mundaring District Office: Open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, ph. 08 92959100. 

DEC's site also provides an outline of the facilities within the National Park.

"Mundaring (now Beelu) National Park - Park Guide" by DEC (undated pdf; 377KB) -a very basic outline only.

History: Brief summary of the history of Mundaring Weir and current facilities (Water Corporation).

No. 1 Pump Station (C.Y. O'Connor Museum): Open 10am-4pm Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays (except Christmas Day, Good Friday and month of February; ph. 08 93216018).

A brief history of the Mundaring Weir Hotel.

Summary of the current 'Golden Pipeline' project (The National Trust).

Conservation: Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo Recovery Project (2002-2012).

Other track information: Information is available from various sources for several trails in the area including:

   -Bibbulmun Track

   -Kattamordo Heritage Trail

   -Portagabra Track

   -Paten's Brook Track

   -O'Connor Trail

   -Weir Walk

   -Munda Biddi Bike Trail

   -Mundaring Loop Bike Trail, and

   -Kep Track.

Some useful sources:

DEC's Perth Hills National Parks Centre (see above) -including "Local Tracks & Trails Guide".

"A Guide to the Bibbulmun Track, Northern Half, Kalamunda to Donnelly River Village" by Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) 2002, 2nd ed.

"Heritage Trail - Kattamordo". 1998;  a pamphlet by the Heritage Council. - Provides an excellent 22 page overview of the interesting history along this 27 km trail.

The trail name Kattamordo replaced the Council's earlier, incorrect spelling of the trail name as Kattamorda which is still often used.  See WalkGPS Google Map showing start and end points of the Trail plus a few approx. waypoints.

"Swan Valley and Perth Hills Trails Discovery Guide", Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council ('EMRC'). 2005. - This is an excellent booklet with maps and notes summarising 41 mainly short on-track walks in Shires of Kalamunda and Mundaring and City of Swan. It has been withdrawn from public sale but a copy can be viewed at the State Library of WA (book Call Ref. # 919.411 SWA).

Sections of the  following trails in the ERMC Guide are included within the route described here (but in the reverse direction in part):

Dell to South Ledge Walk:8km (pp.41-42),

O'Connor Trail: 5.3km (pp.58-59),   

Weir Walk: 1.9km (pp.60-61),

Mundaring Loop Bike Trail (p.54 & 57).

The O'Connor Trail and Weir Walk can be combined into a single 'figure-of-eight' walk of 7.2km.

The ERMC Guide also includes brief summaries (including additional information sources) for :

Bibbulmun Track (p.7 & 9), and

Munda Biddi Bike Trail (pp.7-8).

Route notes :


Update (Oct. 2010): Disregard waypoints '2', '2A', 'CALM2' & 'PARK' of the initial 500m segment of original WalkGPS route. (That initial segment is now obsolete due to the construction of a new water treatment depot on the north side of Allen Road.) The notes below include the updated initial route segment. The change does not affect the total walk distance.

From the Start point at the Perth Hills National Parks Centre carpark, walk NW-ward back down Allen Road (about 400m) to the roundabout at the junction with Mundaring Weir Rd. Cross to the Kep Track (and Munda Biddi Bike Trail) and follow it NE-ward for about 100m to locate a foot-track that enters Fred Jacoby Park. Then head downhill (NNW-ward) through the Park to waypoint ‘3’. Cross the small landscaped stream (Bending Gully) which runs through the Park, then climb the slope on the other side of the stream, initially crossing a dirt road then a grassed slope to soon reach (at ‘BDGE’) a footbridge which crosses the Goldfields Pipeline.  Continue westward on a dirt road through Devenish Pine Plantation. After about 400m (near ‘5’), this dirt road merges with North Ledge Rd.  Continue westward around the hillside on North Ledge Rd which soon soon enters jarrah forest (near ‘6’).  The dirt road starts climbing and crosses an old N-S track (at ‘7’; That side-track runs southward downhill past the YHA Hostel to meet Mundaring Weir Rd). The road continues to climb to about ‘8’, then flattens.  At ‘9’ follow the loop road on the left which leads to the North Ledge Lookout (at ‘LKOUT’) which is at the top edge of the 'breakaway' slope, with nice stands of wandoo and an excellent view SE-ward to Lake CY O’Connor. From the Lookout continue around the loop road (and past public toilet) to rejoin North Ledge Rd (at '10'). Turn left to follow North Ledge Rd across its highest point. The road soon becomes very rutted (after '11') as it leads steeply down into Bourkes Gully. (See  alternative off-track route Option 1 below if you prefer to avoid this section).  If the stream is in flow along the Gully, it is worth taking a very short (few metres) diversion off to the left (from 'FALLS') through the shrubs to view the nearby small falls which you will hear from the road. The road then begins rising steeply out of the Gully, but after only 100m reaches an old  vehicle track junction (at '11A').  A short initial section of a vehicle track which previously formed the left branch of this junction has recently been heavily dug up and trenched to block all vehicles (including 4WD) and also to restore vegetation and stop deep erosion from water runoff.  Locate and follow this old vehicle track to head southward and downhill, soon recrossing Bourkes Gully again (at '12').

Option 1 (from '11' to '12'): If you prefer a short section of off-track walking instead of walking on the partly steep and rutted road, you can avoid this road section as follows:  Veer left  at '11', to head off-track and approx. due west to pick a route across a partly heath-covered outcrop and across a small cascade in Bourkes Gully to meet the N-S dirt road at '12').

From '12',  continue southward on the dirt road (via '13').  The road descends into the Helena River valley and meets Pipe Rd (and the Munda Biddi Bike Trail) at '13A'. (The road follows the water pipelines which run down the valley between Mundaring Weir and the Lower Helena Pipehead Dam.) Turn right and follow Pipe Rd and the Munda Biddi Trail for 1.6 kms (via '14', '14A') to '15' where the Munda Biddi Trail branches off to the left (westward) to leave Pipe Rd. Follow the Munda Biddi Trail, which initially crosses the Helena River at a very shallow ford.  Less than 100m past the River crossing (at '16'), when the Trail starts to head uphill, veer sharp left to head southward, off-track through the forest and across heathland  up a picturesque side valley (or see Option 2 below). After about 200m, veer slightly eastward to meet a stream and then follow it southward along its west bank, passing a small waterfall which flows across a dark-coloured dolerite 'dyke'. At '17' cross the stream  to head SE-ward (or see Option 3 below), quite steeply uphill (via '18') through mixed wandoo and jarrah forest.  Continue around the edge of a small but steepish granite slab and veer eastward (to '19' which is approximately the halfway point on the walk.), then SE-ward through patches of heath and across granite outcrops, gaining  some very nice views across Helena valley.  Meet the Bibbulmun Track at 'TRN'.

Option 2 (from '16' to 'TRN'): If you prefer to avoid this short (1.2 km) off-track section of the walk route, simply continue uphill on the Munda Biddi Trail at '16', and stay on the Trail when it veers SSE and crosses a ridge and gully to eventually meet the Bibbulmun Track (only about 300m east of Hewett's Hill Campsite). Follow the Bibbulmun Track, initially SE-ward. Just after the Track crosses a stream at '40B', the Munda Biddi Trail diverges southward. Stay on the Bibbulmun Track, heading NE to 'TRN'. This on-track option lengthens the total walk by about 2 kms (i.e. to total 15.5 kms).

Option 3 (from '17' to 'TRN'): If the stream is flowing well at ‘17’ (or to bypass the steepest section of the route between ‘17’ and ’18’) you may prefer to continue southward (staying mainly on the west bank), to follow the stream course gently up the narrow valley.  Veer SSE after about 600m to follow the left fork of the stream.  Follow the granite outcrops on the west bank and meet the Bibbulmun Track after a further 300m (at about ‘40B’; only about 600m east of Hewett's Hill Campsite). Then turn left to follow the Track initially uphill and NE to rejoin the route at ‘TRN’. This optional diversion misses some views, but passes several more small waterfalls where the stream crosses granite outcrops.This option lengthens the total walk by about 1 km.

From 'TRN', follow the Bibbulmun Track SE-ward (via '21' to '25') around the southern 'lip' of the Helena valley, again gaining good views across the valley and to Mundaring Weir. This section crosses the Kattamordo Heritage Trail at '23A' and a stream at '24'. The Track passes close (after '25') to the South Ledge Rd and picnic area (with nearby toilets) and then veers north through stands of wandoo to the Golden View (South Ledge) Lookout .  The Lookout ('GOLDVU') offers a great view up the Helena valley to the historic No. 1 Pump Station (CY O'Connor Museum) with its impressive 41.5m chimney (dating to 1902) and to Mundaring Weir, only 800m from the Lookout 'as the crow flies'.  Continue on the Bibbulmun Track (via '26'-'33') through mixed jarrah and marri forest.  After '31' the track veers northward and descends to meet Mundaring Weir Rd (at 'BIBBTR').  Cross the road and turn left to reach the small carpark and toilets (at '34') at the south end of the Weir wall. (See May 2012 update.) Cross the wall (or see Option 4 below) to the north end (at 'ENDAM') then turn left to continue on the Bibbulmun Track (via '35') initially along an old railway formation.

Option 4 (from '34' to '35'): This is a short diversion to visit the No. 1 Pump Station ('C.Y. O’Connor Museum’) below the Weir wall. From '34', descend past the toilets and through a carpark, then down steps and along concrete path to cross a footbridge ('FTBDGE') over the overflow stream (Helena River).  Turn left to visit the nearby Pump Station ('MUSM'). From there head toward the  Weir wall, up the steps, then toward the Weir wall again. Turn left to follow a 'Weir Walk' trail  direction marker onto a zigzag railway formation which curves around the hillside to merge with the Bibbulmun Track (at about '35').

After '35', pass granite outcrops on the right and soon climb some steps in the granite. Follow the pipeline then cross a metal bridge to the NW side and continue along the pipeline to Mundaring Weir Hotel ('HOTEL'). Cross Hall Rd and pass the Mundaring Weir Gallery on the left to follow the trail (Bibbulmun Track & O'Connor Trail) along the old railway formation and next to the Goldfields pipeline.  Cross Weir Village Rd, and at '36' follow the trail up the hill to a track junction at '37' and continue on the trail (partly a vehicle track) and then descend to a lookout platform (at approx. 'LKOUTN') with good views over the Weir and back to Golden View Lookout across the Helena valley. Continue on the trail through lovely jarrah forest (which again partly follows old vehicle tracks). Soon after '39' cross a small ridge to reach the rear area of the Perth Hills National Parks Centre. Follow a path through the Centre to return to the Start point at the carpark.



 Waypoint listing  


Right click here and then "Save Target/Link As..."  if you wish  to download the waypoints and GPS 'track' as a GPX  file in the standard format recognised by most devices and programs including Garmin and Magellan units and GPS Mapping Software.  If you have a problem uploading the data, please feel free to contact me directly at WalkGPS rather than your users' forum!

Also see WalkGPS Maps, Waypoints & Tracks page for downloadable MAP files, plus GPX and Google Earth (KMZ) files. Also see explanatory notes on file formats and how to upload to your unit.

If you require another format you will need to convert the downloaded file using GPS Visualiser (online) or freeware such as GPSBabel.

The waypoints in the alternative listing below are given as UTM coordinates with datum to match the Walk Map. NOTE: If you wish to manually enter these into your GPS unit you must first set your unit to the correct Datum. Caution: An incorrect datum can result in an approximate 200m location error! (This is a very slow, error-prone method compared to using the above downloadable file and is not recommended.)


Route list :

Projection : UTM       Datum : Australian Geodetic 1966       Zone :  50

Waypt name         Easting      Northing        Comments 

START       422053  6464260  Perth Hills National Parks Centre carpark, off Allen Rd.

2           [IGNORE, see updated Route notes above]

2A          [IGNORE, see updated Route notes above]

CALM2       [IGNORE, see updated Route notes above]  

PARK        [IGNORE, see updated Route notes above]

3           421757  6464834  Near small stream(Bending Gully)in Fred Jacoby Park.

BDGE        421637  6464814  Footbridge over Goldfields Water Supply pipeline.

5           421288  6464838  Near track junction with North Ledge Rd.

6           421117  6464735  On North Ledge Rd(dirt road).

7           420834  6464743  On North Ledge Rd.

8           420577  6464825  On North Ledge Rd.

9           420451  6464693  On North Ledge Rd.

LKOUT       420430  6464516  North Ledge Lookout.

10          420381  6464661  On North Ledge Rd.

11          420143  6464826  On North Ledge Rd.

FALLS       419901  6464997  On North Ledge Rd, near falls in Bourkes Gully.

11A         419800  6465007  On North Ledge Rd.

12          419814  6464856  On dirt track.

13          419804  6464527  On dirt track.

13A         419674  6464464  On Munda Biddi Trail/Pipe Rd.

14          418608  6464871  On Munda Biddi Trail/Pipe Rd.   

14A         418336  6464824  On Munda Biddi Trail/Pipe Rd.

15          418218  6464969  On Munda Biddi Trail/Pipe Rd.

16          418040  6464960  On Munda Biddi Trail.

17          418029  6464558  Off-track, near stream.

18          418174  6464415  Off-track, on steep hillside

19          418409  6464377  Off-track, on rock outcrop.

TRN         418593  6464123  On Bibbulmun Track.

21          418746  6464064  On Bibbulmun Track. 

22          419067  6463524  On Bibbulmun Track.

23          419368  6463470  On Bibbulmun Track.

23A         419448  6463360  Bibbulmun Track crosses Kattamordo Trail.

24          419731  6463147  On Bibbulmun Track.

25          420088  6463295  On Bibbulmun Track.

GOLDVU      420185  6463544  Near Golden View Lookout.

26          420232  6463515  On Bibbulmun Track.

27          420285  6463363  On Bibbulmun Track.

28          420492  6463218  On Bibbulmun Track.

31          420948  6463226  On Bibbulmun Track.

32          421026  6463364  On Bibbulmun Track.

33          420966  6463560  On Bibbulmun Track.

BIBBTR      421027  6463631  Bibbulmun Track crosses Mundaring Weir Rd.

34          420944  6463737  Near south end of Mundaring Weir dam wall.

ENDAM       420946  6464015  At north end of Mundaring Weir dam wall.

35          420912  6464187  On Bibbulmun Track.

HOTEL       421142  6464426  On Bibbulmun Track, near Mundaring Weir Hotel.

36          421564  6464595  On Bibbulmun Track, near Mundaring Weir Rd.

37          421485  6464457  On Bibbulmun Track/O’Connor Trail.

LKOUTN      421590  6464075  Near lookout on Bibbulmun Track/O’Connor Trail.

39          421803  6464072  On Bibbulmun Track/O’Connor Trail.

END         422053  6464260  Back at Start point.

Additional waypoints on map:

FLS2        419858  6464852  Near small cascades in Bourkes Gully.

40          417730  6464697  On dirt track in west near Munda Biddi Trail

40A         417755  6464162  On Munda Biddi Trail in west.

40B         418093  6463702  On Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail.

FTBDGE      420799  6463943  Footbridge across 'overflow stream'(Helena River)below dam wall.   

MUSM        420731  6463977  No. 1 Pump Station (C.Y. O’Connor Museum)

JACOBY      421773  6464642  Fred Jacoby Park main entrance.

RDEX        421265  6464626  North Ledge Rd. meets Mundaring Weir Rd.

KAT2        422012  6464818  Kattamordo Trail crosses Mundaring Weir Rd.

PLRD        420443  6464081  Pipe Rd meets Mundaring Weir Rd.

KATTRL      420382  6463851  Kattamordo Trial meets Mundaring Weir Rd.

50          420148  6464063  On Kattamordo Trail, close to Helena River.

60          420222  6462809  South Ledge Rd meets Mundaring Weir Rd.


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