North Dandalup Walk (Walk #13a)


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On this page:  

1) Walk map - Shows route and waypoint locations

2) Photo from walk  (also see Photo Galleries)

3) 3D map view

4) Google map & Satellite imagery

5) Route profile

6) Walk description

7) Waypoint listing and grid references


 Walk map  Photo
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View north across the main cascades

 on North Dandalup River,  Dec. 2007.

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More photos.

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             Route profile



 Walk description  
Location :

73 kms SSE of Perth.   

Length :

16 field kms (33% off-track)

or 8 km short-walk option.

Degree of difficulty :

MEDIUM - HARD  (What does this mean? See Caution below.

Amount of uphill walking :

550m (cumulative ascent)

GPS-preferred :


Access  :

See Google Map for start point on road map.

(Use zoom ladder for detail. Select 'Hybrid' to add satellite imagery.)

Kwinana Freeway south, then take Mundijong Road east to South Western Highway. Then 23 kms south on Highway, then 2.8 kms along Hines Road (on left, immediately after North Dandalup Primary School on the corner, and about 1 km before North Dandalup township). Then turn right (at waypoint 'ENTRY') into a minor, unsigned dirt road which heads uphill from Hines Road into forest. Park at the 'START' point, 100m up the road, on the roadside, just before the gate which blocks vehicle access to the State Forest. (There is limited car turning space, so you may prefer to reverse up the dirt road to make your exit onto Hines Road easier at the end of the walk.)

Alternative Access (& Start points):

The walk route (or simple variations) can be easily accessed from several other optional entry points e.g.

In NE: Car park at north end of main dam, via Scarp Rd (see waypt 'ALT-PK'); or,

Car park at old Pipehead Dam picnic area and lake, below the Main Dam wall (see waypt 'PICNIC').

In south: Whittakers Mill area, via Scarp Rd (e.g. see waypt 'OLDCMP'; Camping is NOT permitted.);

In SW: 4.5 kms from North Dandalup via Del Park Rd, then Whittaker Rd to ~1.1 km past Goldmine Hill picnic area and viewpoint (to corner with side road near waypt '28').

There are toilets along/near the walk route: at the Dandalup Campsite (on Munda Biddi Trail);  at the north end of the main dam; and at the picnic area below the main dam wall. 

Escape route/s :

In north, to exit North Dandalup Valley (in an emergency only), follow the dirt road westward along the water pipeline route on the steepish north side of the valley; on reaching the small fenced pumping station, cross the pipeline at waypt 'PL-ALT' (at the metal ladder), and then cross the nearby fence into the private farmland; head NW across the farmland to reach Hines Rd after 1 km (for the initial 750m initially follow the east bank of the North Dandalup River, but when the River veers sharply SW, continue NW to soon reach Hines Rd);  then turn right (east) to follow Hines Rd back to the walk Start point. Alternatively, head due north (instead of NW) to cross the farmland, to reach the road sooner, but that 'short-cut' crosses a steepish ridge. (Note: Eastward exit along the  valley to the Dam picnic area and Scarp Rd is not possible as the pipeline road is blocked by a gate below the Dam Operations building.)

Other:  e.g. Via Munda Biddi Trail to Scarp Rd; Via Whittakers Rd in SW.

Main features


The North Dandalup River cuts into the Darling Scarp below the North Dandalup Dam and drops about 80m (250 ft) over a distance of less than one kilometre, creating a series of small cascades and waterfalls, including the main cascades which spill down a large granite ledge to the pool below.  This 1 km section of the River provides the main highlight of the walk, with varied scrambling and wading up the river/creek, across often-slippery rocks,  through and around rock pools, and over rock ledges, providing adventure of a different kind which is not for the timid or clumsy-footed!  In places the surrounding shrubland closes in quite densely across the river course, requiring 'off-track' detours upslope into more open territory until the river course again opens up. On a warm day some of the larger pools offer an irresistable  opportunity for a refreshing dip.

The rest of the walk is less challenging, being mainly 'on-track', along existing roads/old forestry tracks (~40%) and the Munda Biddi Bike Trail (~25%), including a visit (or two) to the Dandalup Campsite (built 2002). Many walkers will find the scramble up the short River section will use up quite a lot of energy and the 8 km short-walk option will be a wise choice.

The walk route lies within a narrow (average 1.5 kms wide) belt between Scarp Road (and the North Dandalup water catchment) to the east, and open farmland to the west, straddling the Darling Scarp. It passes through varied forest (in State Forest and small nature reserves), including mixed jarrah-banksia, with patches of wandoo, and low shrubland around outcrops. The route does not enter private farmland.

Aside from North Dandalup River, the route also crosses Cooleeup Creek (which drains northward into the main River) and 'Whittaker Creek' which drains westward across the Scarp to also join the North Dandalup River. (The North Dandalup River itself eventually feeds into the Murray River which flows into Peel Inlet.)

There are good views from various points along the route: westward across the Darling Scarp to the Coastal Plain, and also NE-ward to the North Dandalup Dam.

The delightful picnic area below the main North Dandalup dam wall is not directly on the main walk route but is also worth a visit (and is an alternative Start point for a modified walk route; see below). The recreation lake is formed from the original small Pipehead Dam which operated from 1971 until replaced by the current dam which opened in 1994. Overflow from the small spillway at the north end of the old Pipehead Dam flows directly into the North Dandalup River.

CAUTION & Special requirements: The full 16km WalkGPS route is challenging. It should not be underestimated and requires a good level of fitness and experience. It has even been said that the full route "could be a SAS training course" !! Allow plenty of time (at least 1.5 hours) to complete the river section; rushing is more likely to result in injury.

The boulders and rock ledges along the River are usually treacherously slippery. You need to take great care with every step to ensure you avoid sprained ankles or much worse. To maximise the enjoyment and safety of the ~ 1 km of river section, take it slowly and don't be afraid to get wet! On reaching the River, strip off to bathers, and carry a pack cover (or large plastic bag) so you can float your day-pack while you wade or swim across one or two of the larger, deeper pools if necessary. Preferably leave your boots on for greater support and protection from sprained ankles on the slippery river boulders, or alternatively change into light footwear with a good non-slip tread (e.g. sport sandals or light gym shoes).

The later parts of the walk are mainly easy, along existing tracks and roads, so there's no need at all to rush. If pressed for time or energy, you can take the 'short-walk option', or one of the various other short-cut options along the walk route (see Route notes).

For overnighters:  The Dandalup Campsite (at waypoint 'CAMP') on the Munda Biddi Bike Trail provides under-roof shelter and bunks, and also tent areas. The site also has a toilet and water tanks.  However walkers must respect that the Munda Biddi Trail and its campsites are there for the cyclists.  A walker will be accepted on the Trail by most cyclists if the walker shows commonsense courtesy and recognises that cyclists may rightfully claim priority and must always be given full right of way on the Trail.

Controlled burns:  See DEC's current 6-season indicative burn program.

Additional maps :

WalkGPS walk map for OziExplorer users A downloadable OziExplorer format MAP file (*.map) for this walk area is included on the Maps, Waypoints & Track Files page. The zipped folder also includes the associated 'base' topo map image file, plus other attached waypoints, tracks/routes, etc in OxiExplorer file formats.

WalkGPS reconnaissance history: Click here for a map of past WalkGPS test walks in the walk area, plus the final route. The final route was selected only after several visits to the area which aimed to achieve a walk that would be the most rewarding.

Other:  Dwellingup 1:50,000 Sheet 2132-4 (CALM/DOLA, 2003, Land Management Series, Edition 3).

Munda Biddi Trail Map 2, Jarrahdale to Nanga, Edition 4, 2005.

Other background references :

"North Dandalup Dam"  by Water Corp. May 2007 (ISBN 1 74043 2797). - Basic information and site map. - See pdf version (450KB).  

"North Dandalup Pipehead Dam Catchment Area Drinking Water Source Protection Plan" (Report # 54, Water Resource Protection Series) by Water Resources Division, Dept. of Environment, June 2005. - See pdf version (2.4MB).  

Note: Access to this walk area is not affected by the protection strategy proposed in Report # 54.

Route notes :


From the ‘Start’ point, pass the barrier gate and follow the rough vehicle track SE-ward uphill initially through an area of forest that is being rehabilitated. The vehicle track steepens before reaching a fork in the track after about 400m, at waypoint '1'. Take the older, right hand track. Follow it S-ward for only a short distance (~120m) to where it veers left up the hillside (at 'LVTRK'). Leave the track to continue SSW along slope through jarrah forest. Veer westward at '2' and head very gently downslope (via '3'), then find an easy way through a small patch of parrot bush to reach (at 'VU') the top of a steepening westward slope and small outcrop, gaining a good view over farmland to the Coastal Plain. Then veer SW and again pick an easy way down the steepening hillside through patches of parrot bush and across or around small outcrops. Veer due south at '4' to walk along slope through mixed forest (including wandoo) and reach a small outcrop at 'ROCK', with a view south to farmland across the North Dandalup River valley.  Head approx. SSW down the steep hillside to reach the North Dandalup water pipeline. Cross easily under the pipeline (at 'P-L') to reach the adjacent bitumen service road. Turn left to follow the pipeline road eastward for about 400m (via '5') across a gentle spur ridge. At about '6' (or up to 50m before) find a suitable opening in the vegetation on the southern, downslope side of the road and ensure the initial slope is gentle enough to allow a safe (but quite steep and partly scratchy) descent to 'TO-PL' close to the north bank of the North Dandalup River course.

(Alternative to '6': If the initial descent point near '6' appears uncomfortably steep, continue to alternative point '6A' about 250m further eastward along the road up a steep hill, then head due south from '6A' through bushland down a gentler slope through thickening understorey for 200m to '6B'. Then pick a way through fairly dense scratchy shrubland to descend a further 50m quite steeply to reach the River at about 'BK2RVR', and continue the route from there, bypassing the downstream waypoints.)

From ‘TO-PL’ continue south across the rocky river course for about 20m to cross a pool (‘POOL’) along the main river channel. (You can probably find a way across without getting your boots wet).  Then head approx. SE initially upslope of the south bank, bypassing denser bushland near the river and soon paralleling (via '7' and ‘FENCE’) a farm fence separating the river nature reserve from farmland which lies steeply upslope to the south. Continue SE and find a way through the shrubland to reach the river again at ‘8’. (At this point you are best to change into your ‘wading gear’!)  Boulder hop and wade upstream along the river course, or if the fringing vegetation gets unpleasantly dense retreat back up the south bank and rejoin the river at ‘BK2RVR’.

(Optional diversion between '8' and 'BK2RVR': If you are feeling energetic, make the short climb to the foot of the weathered granite bluff at 'BLF', about 100m SW of the River course. There is a good view from the bluff up the river valley, toward some of the small waterfalls and cascades on the route ahead. After the climb rejoin the route along the river at 'BK2RVR').  

Soon after 'BK2RVR' (within 30m) the Cooleeup Creek  joins the River (on the right at 'JCN')and the river course veers left (NW) and you arrive at the first small cascades (at ‘FALLS’), followed soon after by the second (at ‘FALLS2’). (Some of the pools are deeper and you may need to float your day pack to keep it dry e.g. at 'FLOAT'.)  Continue upstream (via '10') to reach a larger pool at the foot of the main cascades at ‘HIFALS’.  Wade around the south edge of the pool and then climb to the top of the granite ledge through the low shrubland fringing its southern edge.  Return to the river course above the cascades and continue upstream (via '12' and '13'), across the more gentle upper cascades ('CASCDS') and onto a rock ledge ('LEDGE1') above another pool. (This is the end of the River section and the place to put the boots back on. The large pool below the ledge is also a good place for a swim and to cool off on a warm day.) Head SE initially across the slope, picking a way  through shrubland on rocky ground, and then gently uphill to a narrow granite slab at '14'. Climb southward up the slab, then back into scratchy shrubland (mainly Calothamnus sp.).  There will be views NNE up the valley to the Main Dam and water intake tower. Veer SW to reach a small rock slab at 'SMLSLB' with a view NW. Then head upslope via '17'; the shrubland soon gives way to open forest. Meet an old forestry road at 'OLRD' and turn right to follow it southward around the hillside via '18',  soon climbing gently (to '19'), then descending to meet the Munda Biddi Trail at '20'.

(Alternatively, at 'OLRD', if you are already exhausted you can opt for a short-cut option:  Turn left onto the old forestry road and head east to a granite outcrop at 'SH-CT1'. From there just continue due east off-track for 200m to meet the Munda Biddi Trail between waypts '45' & '46'.)

At '20' turn right to follow the Trail for less than 100m to reach Dandalup Campsite ('CAMP') in a picturesque setting among wandoo trees. Continue down the hill from the campsite on the Trail for less than 200m (to '21') then head westward off-track, gently downhill through mainly open forest. (Alternatively, if you would prefer the 8 km 'Short-walk option' - see below, instead of proceeding to waypt '21'.)

Cross Cooleeup Creek at '22', and another sidestream soon after, then climb steadily, passing into a patch of wandoo trees. At '23' (where you may get a view NE to the Main Dam) veer SW and continue uphill to 'BLDRS', soon passing  a number of large granite boulders. Then veer westward again to cross the forested hilltop and reach an outcrop at about '25', fringed by low shrubland. Veer southward, passing near a few remnants of a building (at 'RUIN') which once straddled a granite ledge. Head southward on an old vehicle track which soon meets another track (at '26').  Turn right onto this other track and follow it westward past farmland on the right, with views northward to the Coastal Plain. (Alternatively, at '26', if you are running short on time or energy you can opt for a further short-cut option: Turn left onto the vehicle track and follow it SE via 'SH-CT2' to the Munda Biddi Trail  near waypt '39'.) 

At '27',  the old vehicle track connects to a more used service road at a bend near farm gates. Turn left to follow the service road SSW to Whittaker Road (at '28'). Turn left to follow Whittaker Road (dirt road) for only about 50m to '29', then veer southward 'off-track' to follow an old overgrown  track (beneath a power line/phone line). (Alternatively, at '29', you take an unexciting short-cut option by continuing SE on Whittaker Road to waypt '38' on the Munda Biddi Trail.)

At '30' the old track meets a currently used track, near farm buildings. Turn left to follow the track SE. It soon becomes disused, but can be easily followed. Near '31' the track veers southward and weakens. Continue off-track ESE along the gentle hillside for about 250m to reach a small outcrop (at 'NTHRK'). Turn right and head downslope for 100m to reach another outcrop at 'LEDGE2', which forms a 70m long rock ledge near the north bank of 'Whittaker Creek'. Head westward (via '32') for about 50m, then SW to cross Whittaker Creek (at 'CSG'). Then head generally upslope and SE-ward across a number of small outcrops (via '33', '34', '34A') and turn left at '35' onto an old forestry track. Follow the track eastward for about 700m to reach Scarp Road at '36'. Turn left to follow Scarp Road 300m northward through the Whittaker Creek farm property. (The now disused Whittaker Mill campsite is located about 500m east.) At 'TRK', at the northern edge of the farmland, veer off Scarp Road to follow an old vehicle track (and former section of the Munda Biddi Trail) NW to meet Whittaker Road (dirt road)at '37'. Turn right and follow the Road for less than 50m to the Munda Biddi Trail entry at '38' on the left. Follow the Munda Biddi Trail (via '39' -'43') to again visit or pass the Dandalup Campsite at 'CAMP'. From the campsite the deeply rutted Trail climbs steeply to '44', then crosses a gentle hill top NE-ward through jarrah-banksia forest, and descends gently (via '45' & '46') to meet Scarp Road, about 1.5 kms walk from Dandalup Campsite. Follow Scarp Road NW.  After 250m the road crosses a bridge across the Main Dam spillway cutting. Stop to inspect the cutting from the south side of the road (be impressed by the scale of the excavation of solid granite), and then cross the Main Dam wall to '47', with a good view from the west side down to the old Pipehead Dam picnic area below, and down the North Dandalup River valley. (Take an optional  very short detour into the nearby carpark to inspect a plaque which includes a map identifying the various dam site facilities.)  Continue along Scarp Road over the gentle ridge that separates the Main Dam from the smaller Saddle Dams to the north. At 'SD-TRK' cross the vehicle crash barrier strip on the west side of the road and follow vehicle track/s for about 50m to '48'. Then veer due west off-track, gently downhill to '49', and continue WSW, very gently downhill. At '50', near a small gully, veer NW and meet an old forestry track at 'RDMT'. Follow the old track NW to meet (at '51') a W-E boundary fence with farmland to the north . Head westward through the jarrah forest, close to the fenceline, initially following the old vehicle track which soon disappears. At about '52' veer SW to return to the Start point.

Short-walk option (8 kms):  For a shorter walk, upon leaving the Dandalup Campsite (at 'CAMP') simply turn left back onto the Munda Biddi Trail to follow the route via waypt. '44' back to the Start point, bypassing the entire southern loop of the total walk route.

Alternative picnic area Start point & modified route: If preferred, park at 'PICNIC' at the old Pipehead Dam picnic area below the main dam. From the picnic area near the lake follow the path (via 'P1' & 'P2') around the east (main dam) end of the lake to the north side.  Head westward from 'P2' to 'P3' along a rough track above the north side of the lake. (A potential short-cut across the lake via the old Pipehead Dam wall and spillway at 'SPILL' is blocked by a secured gate at the end of the public walk way across the wall.)  At 'P3' turn right (NE) onto a track and follow it for 700m (via 'P4') uphill - ignoring the newer track that forks off to the rigfht at 'P-FORK'- and across the crest of a ridge to meet waypt '1'. Continue the route as above from that point. On returning across the Main Dam wall near the end of the walk, instead of proceeding beyond waypt '47', simply follow the nearby side road back down to the Start point at the picnic area. This route does not reduce the total walk distance significantly.



 Waypoint listing


Right click here and then "Save Target/Link As..."  if you wish  to download the waypoints and GPS 'track' as a GPX  file in the standard format recognised by most devices and programs including Garmin and Magellan units and GPS Mapping Software.  If you have a problem uploading the data, please feel free to contact me directly at WalkGPS rather than your users' forum!

Also see WalkGPS Maps, Waypoints & Tracks page for downloadable MAP files, plus GPX and Google Earth (KMZ) files. Also see explanatory notes on file formats and how to upload to your unit.

If you require another format you will need to convert the downloaded file using GPS Visualiser (online) or freeware such as GPSBabel.

The waypoints in the alternative listing below are given as UTM coordinates with datum to match the Walk Map. NOTE: If you wish to manually enter these into your GPS unit you must first set your unit to the correct Datum. Caution: An incorrect datum can result in an approximate 200m location error! (This is a very slow, error-prone method compared to using the above downloadable file and is not recommended.)


Route list :

Projection : UTM       Datum : Australian Geocentric 1994       Zone :  50

Waypt name         Easting      Northing       Comments

START       406449  6402289  Park car nr barrier gate to State Forest.

1           406686  6401930  At track fork.

LVTRK       406665  6401807  On old forestry track.

2           406573  6401671  Off-track, in forest, on gentle NW slope.

3           406443  6401637  Off-track, in forest, on gentle W-ward slope.

VU          406270  6401660  Good view NW across farmland.

4           406127  6401542  In forest, on W-ward slope.

ROCK        406128  6401471  Small granite outcrop & wandoo trees.

P-L         406072  6401366  Water pipeline (pass under).

5           406182  6401280  On pipeline vehicle track.

6           406401  6401196  On pipeline track.

TO-PL       406365  6401156  North bank of N. Dandalup River course.

POOL        406362  6401134  Pool along North Dandalup River.

7           406393  6401107  Nr farm fence above S. bank of river.

FNCE        406469  6401044  Nr farm fence above S. bank of river.

8           406607  6400955  At North Dandalup River course.

BK2RVR      406631  6400893  Along North Dandalup River course.

JCN         406654  6400875  Cooleeup Creek meets North Dandalup River.

FALLS       406670  6400879  Small falls along Nth Dandalup R. crs.

FALLS2      406681  6400893  Small falls along Nth Dandalup R. crs.

FLOAT       406689  6400911  Deeper pool, poss. wade & float pack.

10          406695  6400943  Along North Dandalup River crs.

HIFALS      406793  6401019  Near foot of highest falls.

11          406823  6401016  Nth Dandalup River crs above falls.

12          406864  6401012  In low shrubland above S bank.

13          406877  6401042  Close to river course.

CASCDS      406967  6401030  At cascades along N. Dandalup River.

LEDGE1      407062  6401023  On large rock slab, S-side of river.

14          407133  6400957  On rocky spur ridge rising to south.

15          407124  6400898  On rocky spur ridge rising to south.

SMLSLB      407092  6400859  On small granite slab. View NW.

17          407112  6400767  In forest, slope rising gently S-ward.

OLRD        407087  6400703  On old forestry vehicle track.

18          406944  6400529  On old forestry vehicle track.

19          407011  6400229  On old forestry vehicle track.

20          406986  6400182  Old forestry trk meets Munda Biddi Trail.

CAMP        406914  6400244  Dandalup Campsite (on Munda Biddi Trail).

21          406881  6400101  On Munda Biddi Trail.

22          406621  6400019  Cross Cooleeup Creek course, off-track.

23          406393  6400060  Off-track, in mixed forest, on E-ward slope.

BLDRS       406329  6399984  Scattered large granite boulders/tors.

25          406090  6400025  On edge of granite outcrop.

RUIN        406088  6400006  Remnants of old building foundations.

26          406014  6399863  On old forestry vehicle track.

27          405670  6399832  Old forestry track meets farm access rd.

28          405385  6399323  Whittaker Road. (dirt road).

29          405431  6399302  Whittaker Road (dirt road).

30          405376  6399180  On access rd/forestry track adj. to farm.

31          405830  6398787  In forest, on gentle SSW slope.

NTHRK       406056  6398702  Small outcrop.

LEDGE2      406068  6398590  On W edge of W-E rock ledge, 30m from strm.

32          406020  6398584  20m from north bank of 'Whittakers Creek'.

CSG         405998  6398567  Cross 'Whittakers Creek'.

33          406007  6398546  20m S. of 'Whittakers Ck', nr.patchy outcrop.

34          406112  6398483  On patchy outcrop sth of 'Whittakers Ck.'

34A         406209  6398483  Nr N end of outcrop rising to south.

35          406196  6398305  Old forestry vehicle track.

36          406895  6398296  On Scarp Road.

TRK         407008  6398559  Old Munda Biddi Trail leaves ScarpRd.

37          406877  6398775  On 'old Munda Biddi Trail & Whittaker Rd.

38          406915  6398779  On Munda Biddi Trail & Whittaker Rd.

39          406823  6398998  On Munda Biddi Trail.

40          406902  6399309  On Munda Biddi Trail.

41          407378  6399497  On Munda Biddi Trail nr ScarpRd.

42          406897  6399744  On Munda Biddi Trail.

43          406932  6400211  Dandalup Campsite entry, MundaBiddi Trail.

44          407112  6400119  On Munda Biddi Trail.

45          407634  6400438  On Munda Biddi Trail.

46          407882  6400884  On Munda Biddi Trail.

SCRPRD      407898  6401105  Scarp Road.

47          407387  6401938  Side road to pipehead dam picnic area.

SD-TRK      407321  6402166  Side track entry across road-side barrier.

48          407288  6402217  Edge of forest.

49          407212  6402216  In forest, traces of old overgrown track.

50          407040  6402152  Near minor gully.

RDMT        407019  6402174  On old forestry track, part overgrown.

51          406896  6402381  Forestry track meets farmland fence.

52          406539  6402374  In forest, near farmland fence.

END         406449  6402289  Park car nr barrier gate to State Forest.


Additional Waypoints on map :  

ENTRY       406404  6402378  Minor dirt rd entry off Hines Rd.

ALT-PK      407392  6401966  Parking area at Dam, nr plaque with map of dam.

PICNIC      407448  6401548  old Pipehead Dam picnic area.

P1          407474  6401612  Track at east end of picnic area lake.

P2          407440  6401646  Track at east end of picnic area lake.

P3          407280  6401590  On old forestry track  W of lake.

P-FORK      407200  6401650  On old forestry track forks.

P4          406914  6401783  old forestry track crossing ridge crest.

SPILL       407360  6401563  Old pipehead dam wall spillway.

PL-ALT      405883  6401520  Easy crossing of pipeline.

BLF         406549  6400845  At foot of granite bluff above south side of River.

SH-CT1      407541  6400718  On 'shortcut' dirt track from 'OLRD' .

SH-CT2      406364  6399556  On 'shortcut' dirt track betwn '26' & '38'.

6A          406681  6401111  Alternative choice to waypt. '6'.

LKOUT       407466  6402532  Carpark & Lookout.  Good view W.

OLDCMP      407420  6398379  Former Whittakers Mill site.(Camping NOT permitted).


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