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View south across

 North Dandalup River valley

 to farmland,

Dec. 2007.


Small cascades,

N. Dandalup River, above junction with Cooleeup Creek,

 Dec. 2007.


View up main cascades,

North Dandalup River,

Dec. 2007.



Granite bluff

above south side of

 North Dandalup River valley,

Dec. 2007.


View downstream

 above upper cascades on

North Dandalup River,

Dec. 2007.


Marron (22cm)

(Cherax tenuimanus)

freshwater crayfish,

Dec. 2007.



Wandoo trees & balga,

 near Dandalup Campsite,

Dec. 2007.


Dandalup Campsite,

on Munda Biddi Bike Trail,

Nov. 2007.


View across farmland to Coastal Plain, from NW of Whittaker Hill,

Dec. 2007.



Mirbelia dilatata

Holly-leaved mirbelia,

Nov. 2007.


Jarrah-banksia forest

along Munda Biddi Trail,

Nov. 2007.


Grevillea wilsonii

Native fuchsia,

Dec. 2007.



 View westward up North

Dandalup dam spillway

to Scarp Road (bridge),

Nov. 2007.


Old Pipehead Dam

 picnic area and lake,

from Main Dam wall,

Nov. 2007.


 Lake at picnic area

(and walk way across old Pipehead Dam wall),

Feb. 2005.

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