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Large Marri tree (Red Gum) & walkers near Lake Manaring,

July 2008.


Walkers admiring the view from Chauncy's Cairn (on far right), July 2008.


Balga, wandoo, and marri at rock slab in east,

June 2008.



Ribbed wattle

(Acacia nervosa),

June 2008.


Wandoo woodland on SE flank

of Ngangaguringguring Hill,

June 2008.


Many-headed dryandra

(Dryandra echinata),

June 2008.



Walkers picking a route down from the eastern hilltop,

July 2008.


Rocky promontory below Chauncy's Cairn,

June 2008.


Walkers following

 Emu Brook,

July 2008.



Pioneering surveyor Philip Chauncy's field notes of 1846

(from photocopy).


Off-road trail bikers

 carving up new and old trails

 along Emu Brook,

June 2008.


Trunks of Powderbark Wandoo (Euc. accedens) on left and Wandoo (Euc. wandoo) on rt.,

June 2008.

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