Kattamordo Variation Walk -revised (Walk #3e)


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On this page:  

1) Walk map - Shows route and waypoint locations

2) Photo from walk  (also see Photo Galleries)

3) 3D map view

4) Google map & Satellite imagery

5) Route profile

6) Walk description

7) Waypoint listing and grid references


       Walk map  Photo
          Click on map for large version.

On forestry track in jarrah forest, 

(north of Walnut Rd), July 2009

Click on photo for larger version.

More photos.

      3D map view




  Google Map

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 Additional Satellite Imagery

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         Route profile



 Walk description  
Location :

25 kms ESE of Perth. 

Length :

Option 1: 16-17.5 field kms (via Forrest Rd);

only 2% or 400m off-track;

Option 2: 17.5 field kms (via Volento Rd);

Other short walk option: 9 kms

Degree of difficulty :

MEDIUM   (What does this mean?)

Amount of uphill walking : 410m (cumulative ascent)
GPS-preferred :

YES, useful at the many track junctions and for the short off-track section of the walk.

Access  :

See Google Map for start point on road map.

(Use zoom ladder for detail. Select 'Hybrid' to add satellite imagery.)

Follow Welshpool Rd to its end at the T-junction with Canning Rd. Then turn right to follow Canning Rd for 4 kms. Continue for less than 100m along the start of Pickering Brook Rd (where Canning Rd branches sharp right). Then turn off to park in the Pickering Brook General Store carpark on the right. Food and refreshments are available from the General Store at the walk Start point. 

Car shuffle option: The final 1.5 kms of the main 'Option 1' route includes 1.5 kms of walking along sealed roads (Repatriation and Pickering Brook Rds) to return to the Start point. This can be avoided (and will reduce the Option 1 walk length to 16 kms) if you are in a group with two or more cars and can then do a quick car shuffle at the start (leaving one car at waypoint 'REPAT3' where a minor dirt road branches off Repatriation Rd where the road bends sharply left about 1 km from its junction with Pickering Brook Rd).

Alternative access: The northern part of the walk area (and northern boundary of Korung National Park) can be reached by taking Pomeroy Rd (turn left off Welshpool Rd 1 km after Lesmurdie Rd), then right into Lawnbrook Rd (through Bickley), then follow Walnut Rd to park either:

i) at the corner of Walnut and Lockwood Rd in the east where the Munda Biddi Bike Trail enters the forest (waypoint 'WAL-RD'), or,

ii) on the dirt road extension of Dodd Rd which veers right off Walnut Rd in the west. Park at waypoint 'ALTPKG'. From there it is a steepish climb along the dirt track to enter the National Park and walk area from the west.  

Escape route/s :

Via various old forestry vehicle tracks through the area (see map). These generally provide linkages over distances of less than 1 km to the sealed and dirt roads in the area, including Walnut, Patterson, Forrest, Repatriation, Francais, Weston and Gunjin Rds. 

Main features


The Pickering Brook-Bickley area offers walkers variety of a different sort than in most other walk areas in the Darling Range; Here the sections of walking through jarrah-marri forest on the higher ground (which lies mostly within the newly named Korung National Park), are pleasantly broken by short sections that skirt picturesque orchards and farmland in the small and narrow, fertile valleys, including Piesse Gully. The route also passes close by an historic soldier settler's cottage. Parts of the forest in 2009 were still recovering from recent burns, but the emergence of spring wildflowers and the adjacent blossoming orchards will make any walk in the area very worthwhile.

The new walk routes described here are a combination of short sections of the Kattamordo Heritage Trail, old forestry trails, and newer mountain bike trails which pass through some nice sections of forest.  The terrain is varied with a few short hill climbs and a view or two -  though (sadly!) not from the summit of Mt Gungin in the north, which (at 398m) is the highest point on the walk. In 1921 Mt Gungin was the site of one of the first two fire lookout towers in the Darling Range, but the tower no longer exists and potential views from ground level are screened by the forest around the summit clearing.  

Walk options:  Most of the walk route options are on good open tracks, with only one short (400m) off-track section.

Option 1: 16-17.5 field kms (via Forrest Rd and Repatriation Rd on the return across Piesse Gully from waypoint 'FOR-RD' to 'REPAT-1'); The ‘figure-of-eight’ form of this route (crossing at waypoint 'JCN-X') avoids overlap between the outward and return sections. Despite a few short hill climbs, the 16-17.5 km distance will not be hard for any reasonably fit walker. See Access notes for details of a car shuffle to eliminate the optional final 1.5 kms of on-road walking from waypoint 'REPAT3' back to the Start point. 

Option 2: 17.5 field kms (via Volento Rd from waypoint 'FOR-RD' back to 'BDGE' for the return crossing of Piesse Gully and then overlapping mostly with the outbound route for the remainder of the return section);

Other walk options: There are many other potential options for short and longer on-track walks in the area (see additional tracks and waypoints on the walk map),  including from the alternative access points. 9-14 kms  - The walk can be easily shortened to a circuit of 9-14 km (or less) on the day and still be rewarding. e.g. For a 9 km walk, bypass the northern half of the 'figure-of-8' route by veering right onto the return leg at the crossover point at 'JCN-X'.

CAUTION: Sections of this walk follow part of the Munda Biddi Mountain Bike Trail and other trails that have become very popular with riders in recent years. A walker will be accepted on the Munda Biddi Trail by most cyclists if the walker shows commonsense courtesy and recognises that cyclists may rightfully claim priority and must always be given full right of way on the Trail. Similarly, on the other less formal trails take great care to look out for, and give way to the riders.

Controlled burns:  A control burn is being carried out in the Hacketts Gully-Mt Gunjin area in September 2011 and will affect the area of the walk north of Walnut Rd. See DEC's indicative burn programme.

Additional maps :

WalkGPS walk map for OziExplorer users A downloadable OziExplorer format MAP file (*.map) for this walk area is included on the Maps, Waypoints & Track Files page. The zipped folder also includes the associated 'base' topo map image file, plus other attached waypoints, tracks/routes, etc in OxiExplorer file formats.

WalkGPS reconnaissance history: Click here for a map of past WalkGPS test walks in the walk area, plus the final route. The final route was selected only after several visits to the area which aimed to achieve a walk that would be the most rewarding.

Other:   Mundaring 1:25,000 2134-III SW & 2134-III SE sheets, plus Kelmscott  1:25,000 2133-IV NW & 2133-IV NE sheets

(Dept. of Lands & Survey, 1981-83; Series R811)

-available on DVD.

Other background references :

"Kattamordo Heritage Trail", City of Mundaring site, provides a brief Trail summary and mud map extracted from Heritage Trail - Kattamordo". 1998; an excellent, out-of-print pamphlet by the Heritage Council of W.A. available at State Library W.A. (Call #994.11/MUN). The pamphlet provided an excellent 22 page overview of the interesting history along this 27 km Trail (and the Mason & Bird Heritage Trail). 

Note: The trail name Kattamordo replaced the Council's earlier, incorrect spelling of the trail name as 'Kattamorda' which is still often used (including on most of the old trail markers and signage which have not been well maintained in recent years).

Also see WalkGPS Waypoints & Tracks page for downloadable Google Earth (kmz), PCX5 and GPX files for the Kattamordo Heritage Trail.

Pickering Brook Heritage Group site -  This includes many historical photos and notes on the early timber industry in the area, and also the following:  

  • Soldiers Settlement Scheme  -  for a summary of the history of post WW1 settlement along Piesse Brook, including the original Pollese and Fernie homes close to the walk routes.

  • Brief history of the orchard industry in the area  A history of some of the best orchard country in W.A.,  going back to around the 1880’s.

  • History of the railway –  Includes a sketch map of the  former Pickering Brook Junction station and surrounds just east of where the Pickering Brook General Store is now located near the corner of Canning and Pickering Brook Rds, at the start point of this walk.

"Heritage Trail - Cala Munnda". 1998;  a Heritage Council pamphlet on a 42km driving circuit in the Kalamunda area. Provides a 20 page overview of the early settlement of the Kalamunda district.

Route notes :


From the Start point in the carpark at Pickering Brook General Store, head westward to cross the branch of Canning Rd (at waypoint  ‘RD-1’) and follow the dirt track (which is along route of the old railway to the Kalamunda Zigzag line) to cross the main Canning Rd (at ‘RD-2’). After about 50m (at ‘01’) the Kattamordo Heritage Trail foot-track crosses the track. Turn right onto the Trail and up the roadside embankment to cross Canning Rd again (at ‘02’) and enter the forest which is initially mainly sheoaks. You are now in the Korung National Park. Relocate the foot-track which may be initially a little difficult to follow as it often becomes hidden under the layer of dry sheoak ‘needles’. Head northward, gently uphill. Ignore a track that veers off to the left after about 300m (at ‘T-JN2’) near the crest of the hill and soon cross Valencia Rd (at ‘VAL-RD’). Continue along the Trail and pass another track junction (at ‘JCN’) before descending to meet Francais Rd (at ‘05’). Turn right to head SE along the road for about 100m, passing a fruit packing shed and orchard on your left. Re-enter forest (at ‘06’) just past the orchard boundary and head generally NE (via ‘07’) along the foot-track through a very pleasant section of jarrah forest. When the track divides at ‘07A’, take either the higher or lower track down the hillside. The two tracks merge again at ‘07B’. At ‘08’ the track veers NW and then descends near ‘09’ to cross the dirt road extension of Weston Rd. Follow the track northward, descending into Piesse Gully, with the boundary fence of an orchard on your right. About 100m to the right in the orchard you will also see the old Fernie cottage which was the home of one of the soldier settler families in the 1920’s. The track soon joins a dirt road near the crossing of Piesse Brook (at ‘BDGE’). Continue northward up the road for about 100m.  Soon after passing the Valento Rd turnoff on your right, locate (also on the right) and follow a mountain bike trail which enters the forest at ‘BKTRL’. (You now leave the original Kattamordo Trail which continues northward uphill on the dirt road, with farmland and orchards on the left and forest on the right.) The bike trail initially climbs gently ESE-ward for about 400m, then climbs more steeply and more northward as it zig-zags up the hillside (via ‘10’ and ‘11’) through another nice forest section of mixed jarrah-marri-banksia. After ‘11’ the trail soon flattens onto a rocky lateritic surface and heads mainly NE-ward, crossing an old forestry track at ‘SDTRK’. (The original Kattamordo Trail (and sign) lies about 50m NW at ‘11-ALT’ where it follows a track bounding adjacent farmland.) Continue along the bike trail (via ‘12’), crossing another old forestry road at ‘X-TRK’, and veering sharply northward after ‘13’ to soon meet (at ‘MN-TRK’) another old forestry road (which is also the route of the Kattamordo Trail). Turn right to follow the forestry track (via ‘14’) and pass through a junction with two other old forestry roads (at ‘JCN-X’) and continue on the original Kattamordo Trail which re-enters the forest from the junction as a foot-track.  [Alternatively for the short 9km walk option: Turn right (SE) at ‘JCN-X’ to follow the return route via ‘CNR1’ etc.]

Follow the foot-track ENE (via ‘15’) and cross Patterson Rd (‘PAT-RD’). Soon after, the Munda Biddi Mountain Bike Trail joins from the right (at ‘MBID-1’). Continue NE on the Trail and soon cross Walnut Rd (‘WAL-RD’; The Perth Observatory is located 350m to the SE at the end of Walnut Rd). You have now left the Korung National Park. The Munda Biddi Trail re-enters the forest (State Forest) from a small cleared area close to the corner of Walnut and Lockwood Rds, then heads NNE through the forest for almost 500m, running mainly close and parallel to Lockwood Rd (to’18’), then reaching Gungin Rd (‘GJN-RD’). Cross Gunjin Rd (old dirt road) to follow another mountain bike trail (not the Munda Biddi Trail) which continues initially NNE and then curves back generally northward.

The bike trail soon descends a little then crosses a minor forestry track (at ‘XSG’). About 1 km after the Gunjin Rd crossing, the trail climbs quite steeply over a distance of 400m to emerge from the forest at the SE corner (at ‘TRL’) of the Mt Gunjin summit clearing. Cross the summit area (‘GUNJIN’) - which was the site of the former fire lookout tower - then follow Gunjin Rd NW downhill and turn left onto the Kalamunda Circuit track (at ‘K-CRT’). Continue quite steeply downhill on the track, passing the Little Ovens Trail turnoff on the right (at ‘LILOVN’; where you may also need to skirt around a mountain bike jump set up across the track), and meet  the Munda Biddi Trail again at ‘MBID-2’ (The Trail follows a forestry track here). Turn left to follow the Trail southward for about 700m, to a track junction (at ‘MBID-3) soon after crossing a gentle gully. Stay on the MB Trail by taking the left turn at the junction and head WSW-ward up the hill to reach Gunjin Rd at 'MBID-4' after less than 1km. Veer right to continue uphill on Gunjin Rd and still on the MB Trail (via 'MBID-5'). After less than 500m veer right off Gunjin Rd at 'MBID-5' to stay on the MB Trail. The next 750m (via waypts '18' and 'wAL-RD') is a re-walking of about 750m of the Trail already walked en route to Mt Gunjin. At the fork in the tracks at 'MBID-5' veer left (southward) to stay on the MB Trail (the other fork follows the Kattamordo Trail). Cross Lockwood Rd and continue S-ward on the Trail close to Patterson Rd for about 200m to 'MBID-1A'. Then turn right (west) to cross the road to follow Alban Rd (vehicle track) which heads westward close to the northern boundary of nearby farmland and orchards. After less than 500m reach a track junction (at ‘CNR-1’) near the NW corner of the farmland in the small valley. Turn left to follow the Park boundary track downhill and southward (via ‘CNR-2’).  There is soon a good view across the orchards and to a rustic old shed which probably dates back to the soldiers settlement period of the 1920’s.  Continue mainly downhill (via ‘CNR2’, ‘CNR-3’, and ‘Y-JCN’).  Soon after ‘Y-JCN’ there is another good view across the orchard in this small side valley before the track descends steeply to reach Forrest Rd (sealed) at ‘FOR-RD’ at the junction with Valento Rd (dirt road). Turn right (WSW) onto Forrest (-Repatriation) Rd and soon cross the bridge over Piesse Brook and pass the entry to the Santora Arabian Horse Stud on the left. [The old 1920’s home of the immigrant Pollese family is bypassed on this route but is located only about 200m east of ‘FOR-RD’]. Leave the road at ‘REPAT1’ to re-enter the forest (and the National Park) on an old forestry track which climbs initially steeply uphill from the south side of the road.  It then veers SE-ward along the hillside. At ‘REPAT2’ turn right (SW) to take the side-track uphill and across the crest of the ridge at ‘JCN-Y’. Then follow the old forestry track SW-ward downhill to meet a W-E dirt road at ‘REPAT-3’. Now follow Repatriation Rd (sealed) and Pickering Brook Rd (via 'REPAT5') back to the Start point. The section along Repatriation Rd passes across another small valley flanked by orchards and fruit packing sheds. 

[Car shuffle option: If you are in a group and have done the suggested car shuffle at the start of the walk, you will have left a car at 'REPAT3' and can now avoid the final 1.5 kms of road-walking to return to the start point. This reduces the Option 1 walk length to 16 kms. Alternatively if you are unable to do the car shuffle but still prefer to avoid the road-walking, then follow the Option 2 route i.e. Follow the Option 1 route to 'FOR-RD', then head NW along Valento Rd (dirt road) back to 'BDGE' for the return crossing of Piesse Gully and then overlapping mostly with the outbound route for the remainder of the return section.]



 Waypoint listing


Right click here and then "Save Target/Link As..."  if you wish  to download the waypoints and GPS 'track' as a GPX  file in the standard format recognised by most devices and programs including Garmin and Magellan units and GPS Mapping Software.  If you have a problem uploading the data, please feel free to contact me directly at WalkGPS rather than your users' forum!

Also see WalkGPS Maps, Waypoints & Tracks page for downloadable MAP files, plus GPX and Google Earth (KMZ) files. Also see explanatory notes on file formats and how to upload to your unit.

If you require another format you will need to convert the downloaded file using GPS Visualiser (online) or freeware such as GPSBabel.

The waypoints in the alternative listing below are given as UTM coordinates with datum to match the Walk Map. NOTE: If you wish to manually enter these into your GPS unit you must first set your unit to the correct Datum. Caution: An incorrect datum can result in an approximate 200m location error! (This is a very slow, error-prone method compared to using the above downloadable file and is not recommended.)


Route list :

Projection : UTM       Datum : Australian Geodetic 1966       Zone :  50

Waypt name         Easting      Northing       Comments   

START       415463  6455141  Start point; Pickering Brook General Store parking area.
RD-1        415419  6455158  Cross branch of Canning Rd.
RD-2        415323  6455197  Cross Canning Rd.
01          415279  6455226  Kattamordo Trail crosses old dirt rd.
02          415326  6455258  Cross Canning Rd.
T-JN2       415303  6455569  Another foot-trk branches off Kattamordo Trail.
VAL-RD      415356  6455736  Kattamordo Trail (foot-track) crosses Valencia Rd.
JCN         415425  6455878  Junction of Katt.Trail with another foot-trk(in forest).
05          415664  6456059  Foot-track (Kattamordo Trail) meets Francais Rd.
06          415734  6456000  Footrack (Katt. Trail) enters forest off Francais Rd.
07          415847  6456288  On foot-track in forest (Kattamordo Trail).
07A         415920  6456320  Foot-track divides. Either fork OK.
07B         416100  6456503  Foot track divides. Either fork OK.
08          416201  6456734  On foot track in forest (Kattamordo Trail).
09          416082  6456899  Foot-track crosses Weston Rd. extensn.
BDGE        416064  6457041  Bridge/Road over Piesse Gully nr end of dirt rd (Valento Rd extn.)
BKTRL       416057  6457156  Mtn bike trail enters Nat. Park forest off dirt rd.
10          416531  6457134  On bend on mountain bike trail.
11          416390  6457277  On mountain bike trail.
SDTRK       416505  6457488  Mtn bike trail crosses old forestry track.
12          416690  6457672  On mountain bike trail in forest.
X-TRK       416684  6457832  Mtn bike trail crosses old forestry track.
13          416795  6457852  Bend in mountain bike trail (in forest).
MN-TRK      416754  6457951  Mtn bike trail meets old forestry road (which is also Katt. Trail).
14          416809  6458032  Y-junction of old forestry roads.
JCN-X       416908  6458085  Juncn of 3 old forestry trks and Katt. foot-track in NE.
15          417072  6458199  Old dirt forestry rd branches SE off Kattamordo Trail foot-trk.
PAT-RD      417448  6458359  Kattamordo Trail crosses Patterson Rd (sealed rd).
MBID-1      417631  6458413  Y-juncn of Munda Biddi Mtn Bike Trail and Katt. Trail foot-trk.
WAL-RD      417830  6458546  Munda Biddi Trail re-enters forest near cnr Walnut and Lockwood Rd.
18          417992  6458958  On Munda Biddi Bike Trail near cnr Lockwood and Gunjin Rds.
GJN-RD      418004  6459071  Mtn bike trail crosses Gunjin Rd (old dirt road).
XSG         417909  6459474  Mtn bike trail crosses old forestry track.
TRL         417737  6460300  Mtn bike trail meets SE side of clearing on Mt Gunjin summit.
GUNGIN      417722  6460307  Mt Gunjin summit clearing (no views). Elevn 398m.
K-CRT       417607  6460400  Kalamunda Circuit mtn bike trail meets Gunjin Rd.
LILOVN      417486  6460409  Y-juncn of Little Ovens Trail and Kalamunda Circuit.
MBID-2      417156  6460459  Kalamunda Circuit trk meets MundaBiddi BikeTrail (old forestry rd).
MBID-3      417109  6459767  Juncn of old forestry roads including Munda Biddi Bike Trail.
MBID-4      417794  6459459  Munda Biddi Bike Trail meets Gunjin Rd (old dirt road).
MBID-5      417888   6459245  Old W-E dirt road meets Gunjin Rd.

GJN-RD      418004  6459071  Mtn bike trail crosses Gunjin Rd (old dirt road).

18          417992  6458958  On Munda Biddi Bike Trail near cnr Lockwood and Gunjin Rds.

WAL-RD      417830  6458546  Munda Biddi Trail re-enters forest near cnr Walnut and Lockwood Rd.

MBID-1      417631  6458413  Y-juncn of Munda Biddi Mtn Bike Trail and Katt. Trail foot-trk.

MBID-1A     417589  6457979  On Munda Biddi Bike Trail.

ALBAN       417555  6457966  W-E dirt rd (Alban Rd) close to farm bdy, meets Patterson Rd.
CNR-1       417124  6457930  Y-juncn of old dirt roads in forest at NW cnr of farmland.
CNR-2       417097  6457379  At bend in forestry road (dam in view downhill through forest).
CNR-3       416890  6457399  Y-juncn of old forestry roads at NW corner of private property.
Y-JCN       416851  6457227  Y-juncn of old forestry track and track along Park boundary.
FOR-RD      416753  6456754  Valento Rd (dirt rd) and old forestry rd meet Forrest Rd (sealed).
REPAT1      416565  6456670  Old forestry rd meets Repatriation (-Forrest) Rd.
OLDJCN      416704  6456375  Y-juncn of old forestry trk with fresher NW-SE track.
REPAT2      417131  6455989  T-juncn of old forestry roads.
JCN-Y       417000  6455928  Y-juncn of old forestry tracks in forest (on ridge).
REPAT3      416778  6455463  Old foresty trk meets minor W-E dirt rd nr juncn with Repat.Rd(sealed).
REPAT4      416552  6455279  On Repatriation Rd (1.2 km by rd to Pickering Brook Store).
REPAT5      416007  6455022  Repat.Rd turnoff from Pickering Brook Rd (approx. 500m from Start pt.)
END         415463 6455141   Back at Start point.

Additional waypoints on map: 

ALTTRK      415388  6455708  Alternative foot-trk meets S-side Francais Rd.
TANKS       415543  6455542  Water tanks on hill top (on extensn of Valencia Rd).
10-ALT      416065  6457498  Cnr of old dirt rd.(Katt.Trail).Farmland/orchards to W. Forests to E. 11-ALT      416467  6457534  At corner of dirt road on orig. Kattamordo Trail (trail sign).
12-ALT      416496  6457728  On old dirt rd in forest close to farm boundary (orig Katt. Trail).
13-ALT      416480  6457823  Orig. Kattamordo Trail branches uphill off old dirt road.
JCN-A       416687  6457904  T-junction. Old forestry track (old Katt.Trail) meets another old rd.
T-2         417194  6457329  Juncn of dirt tracks.
VU-1        417151  6456995  View W to SW across side valley and Piesse Gully.
T-3         417243  6456680  Y-junction of old forestry tracks and NE-SW track down hillside.
FORRD2      417168  6456573  On Forrest Rd near low bank on NE-side and near prop bdy trk up hill.

W-1         416281  6458044  Y-junction of old forestry tracks.
W-2         415873  6458046  On bend in old forestry trk.
W-3         415782  6458303  Old N-S forestry track meets W-E park bdry trk nr end of Dodd Rd extensn.
W-4         416237  6458310  On bend in old forestry track (at corner of Park boundary).
DODDRD      415178  6458906  Dodd Rd entry off Walnut Rd, Bickley.
DODD1       415369  6458299  Dodd Rd, end of sealed section (dirt road continues E).
ALTPKG      415592  6458305  Potential parking on dirt road extension of Dodd Rd.
ENTRY       417007  6458862  Korung Nat. Park park sign and N-entry (old forestry rd).
NW-1        416283  6459721  Junction of old forestry tracks on ridge in State Forest.
NW-2        415683  6459844  Y-junction of old part overgrown forestry tracks.
NW-3        415372  6459706  N-S dirt track meets old W-E forestry track in small gully.
NW-4        416476  6459359  T-junction of old forestry tracks.
MBD-S1      417602  6457869  On Munda Biddi Mtn Bike Trail at bend close to Patterson Rd.
MB-JCN      417977  6457475  Old (part overgrown) forestry track meets MundaBiddi Trail at bend.
WALRD1      417975  6457174  Old forestry track meets Walnut Rd (south).
WALRD2      417935  6457064  Old forestry track meets Walnut Rd (south).
PATRD2      417717  6456852  Old forestry track meets W-side of Patterson Rd.
JCN4WY      417540  6456821  Juncn of old forestry tracks.
ENT         417600  6457173  Entry to dirt roads into forest off W-side of Patterson Rd.
R-ALT1      417398  6455767  On bend in old forestry track.
R-ALT2      417024  6455715  In forest near NW corner of private farmland.


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