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View toward

Boyagin Rock, 

with Dodonaea spp.

(a 'Hop bush') in fruit,

Oct. 2003.


Group of walkers

 on south culmination

 of Boyagin Rock

 with north dome behind,

Sept. 2007.


View ESE across the

 'split' in the Rock

from northern dome,

Oct. 2003.



Kunzea pulchella

 (Granite Kunzea)

 on Boyagin Rock,

Oct. 2003.


Eucalyptus caesia


 on Boyagin Rock,

 July 2004.

Hakea petiolaris

 (Sea Urchin Hakea)

 on Boyagin Rock,

 July 2004.



Wandoo woodland

 on laterite slopes in SW,

July 2004.



Melaleuca radula (Graceful Honeymyrtle) on Boyagin Rock,

Oct. 2003.


Walkers arriving at the cairn on summit

 of Mt. Jelcobine,

Sept. 2007.



Wandoo woodland and giant granite boulders,

 in north,

 Sept. 2007.


Walkers inside a natural enclosure formed by giant boulders in north,

Sept. 2007.


Granite boulders on east flank of Mt. Jelcobine,

July 2004.



Historic site,

 Old homestead fireplace,

 July 2007.


Woodland on laterite ridge

 near north park boundary,

July 2004.

Echidna wanders across a dirt road near Boyagin Rock,

Sept. 2007.

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