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View to farmland to north from laterite breakaway ,

Aug. 2004.


On breakaway slope

 in north,

Aug. 2004.


View to farmland in north,

Aug. 2004.



Unident. wattle,

Acacia sp.

Sept. 2008


 Common Donkey Orchid,

(Diuris brumalis),

Aug. 2004.


(?)Blood Spider Orchid,

Caladenia sp.


Aug. 2008.


Variable-leaved Cone bush,

Petrophile heterophylla,

Sept. 2008.


  Woodland and flowering Golden Dryandra in NW,

Aug. 2004.


Mixed wandoo and jarrah woodland and balgas in NW,

 Aug. 2004.

On granite outcrop in east,

Aug. 2004.



Open woodland on ridge in east,

Aug. 2004.


View SW across Gibb Gully to State Forest area outside of Park,

Aug. 2004.


Wandoo on eastern ridge, Aug. 2004.

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